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Celebrating 30 Years Of The Simpsons

celebrating 30 years of the simpsons

Celebrating 30 Years of The Simpsons 

The impact The Simpsons has made is incredible. Whether you’re young or old you’ve heard of the most famous cartoon family and their impact seems to carry through to even new generations. The family was a real breath of fresh air to our screens but at the time not everyone was so happy. George Bush Sr famously said he wanted to “make American families a lot more like The Waltons and a lot less like The Simpsons”. The reality is that the former U.S president was a little out of touch in this instance as the Simpson family represented American family life more accurately than The Waltons ever did.

Before the Simpsons arrived, family life was often glorified but The Simpsons showed life as it really was without papering over the cracks. This infographic from Frame Your Tv takes you through many of the most famous moments from the shows incredible 30-year run to date.

celebrating 30 years of the simpsons

It began as a series of 48 one-minute shorts that aired during The Tracey Ullman Show in 1987 and while it was well received, no could have envisaged the incredible impact it would make. The first episode of the series was broadcast in 1989 but it was on The Tracey Ullman Show where the idea was born.

Everyone has their own opinion about their favorite episode but very few will argue about when the Simpsons was at its best. So many people now talk about how the Simpsons declined after season 9 and that peak Simpsons was between seasons 4-7.

There are so many quotes from the show that are still used in everyday life and even amongst the younger generation these early episodes still seem to resonate just as much as they did 20 years ago. It will be interesting to see for how long more the show continues as it goes into its 29th season.

No matter when it was at its peak, In its 30th year now in 2017, it has spawned movies, theme parks, confectionary and a variety of other merchandise and literally made millions for the license holders. At one stage, the character Bart Simpson had hit music singles all over the globe! The Simpsons is unique as an animated series in that it deeply appeals to both children and adults and is suitable family viewing but it delivers a sharp wit that is rarely present in other children’s only animations.

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With a bank of actors used to voice the characters, the show has become a major career for the stars but it hasn’t been without its controversy with issues arising over the 30 years in terms of pay rates. More controversy arose when a major character was killed off and it spawned a number of betting situations where many people won various amounts of winnings all over the world. It details some surprising statistics; it looks at some of the standout moments over the years; it examines the impact of the show on society in general and lots, lots more. Check out the full infographic below! Click on the pictures to learn more.

celebrating 30 years of the simpsons celebrating 30 years of the simpsons











celebrating 30 years of the simpsons celebrating 30 years of the simpsons

celebrating 30 years of the simpsons

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