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5 Workplace Shows Like The Office

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Starring: Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer

The Office is a series that aired for 9 seasons, it portrays people who work for the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Featuring colorful characters played by Steve Carell, Ed Helms, Mindy Kaling, Ellie Kemper and more.

The office is a show that is sure to make you laugh. Office romances, anger-prone employees, and embarrassments are just a few things you should expect. The link provided will lead you to the best place to buy tv series on DVD, Amazon.

If you’ve watched and laughed enough with The Office and think it’s time to move on, then take a look at these other workplace shows like The Office below, each one is more hilarious than the last.

Parks And Recreation

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Starring: Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, and Chris Pratt

Parks and Recreation must appear on the list of The Office show recommendations. This story took place in the Parks Department of Pawnee a town in Indiana and lasted for 7 years, it had its’ fill of distinctive actors. Some of these actors included: Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari and Rob Lowe. This addition to series like The Office also received many awards and nominations and was voted the best show of the year in 2013. Follow the link above to find this series on Amazon, you might get lucky and find this complete tv series on DVD for sale.

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Getting On

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Starring: Laurie Metcalf, Alex Borstein, and Niecy Nash

Getting On was a short-lived series based on its U.K. counterpart. Getting On takes place at Mount Palms Memorial Hospital in the Barnes Extended Care Unit. One of the funniest shows like The Office, follows nurses, doctors and even the ward’s director (played by Laurie Metcalf) during their daily routines and misadventures. Come have a laugh at the Mount Palms Memorial Hospital!

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Starring: Rita May, Jason Watkins, and Anne Marie O’Connor

One of the most missed shows similar to The Office is Trollied, it is located in Warrington, a fictional U.K. town, a supermarket called ‘Valco’ is where we watch how employees start and finish their days at work. There are prompts that make us feel right at home when we see what customers do when they don’t think they are being watched. The storylines are great and make you laugh with every episode.

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If you loved the other shows like The Office, you will love Trollied. Guaranteed.

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Starring: America Ferrara and Ben Feldman

This great addition to The Office show recommendations is about workers in a big box store called “Cloud 9”. Cloud 9 is home to a wacky crew of workers that each have a very different personality. There’s the ditzy pregnant teen, the know it all new guy, the bossy assistant manager, the very old lady, and Glen, the way too nice manager who has to keep everything in order.  Superstore is a light hearted comedy that shows a side of big box stores that we don’t see. The fun little clips like a lady dropping something on the floor and kicking it under the shelf and the guy eating a few grapes while shopping is things that we’ve all seen, or done while shopping in a store like Cloud 9. Give Superstore a try, you won’t be disappointed if you like tv sh0ws that take place in a workplace like The Office.

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30 Rock

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Starring: Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, and Jane Krakowski

Liz Lemon is trying to run a popular tv show, called TGS with Tracy Jordan. Running a tv show is hard, and the motley crew she has to work with doesn’t make anything easier. Liz is about to lose her mind. In this addition to The Office show alternatives, Liz gets a new arrogant boss and a crazy new star she has to deal with, on top of all the other problems she already has. 30 Rock will make you topple over with laughter and is a hilarious addition to shows like The Office. Sign up for Amazon Prime to stream tv shows online free.

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