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6 Action Packed Shows Like Six

Starring: Barry Sloane, Kyle Schmid, and Juan Pablo Raba

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Six is an action show about a Navy SEAL Team in Afghanistan who try to annihilate a Taliban leader. The team soon learns that an American citizen is hidden among them and is plotting with the enemy. Six shows us both sides of the field, those who fight and the families they’ve left behind.

Nothing is ever black and white for the SEAL’s, they must make impossible decisions in the heat of the moment and must learn to live with the consequences. Six is engaging and well-crafted and has enough action to suffice anyone who wants a lot of excitement.

Here are more action-packed shows like Six.

Training Day

Starring: Justin Cornwall, Bill Paxton, and Julie Benz

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Training Day starts after the events of the 2001 ”Training Day” movie. A rookie cop called Kyle Craig is teamed up with a morally corrupt Detective called Frank Roarke. Frank’s bookkeeping is starting to attract attention from his fellow L.A.P.D officers. Will Kyle team up with Frank or will the L.A.P.D. figure out about Frank’s immoral life choices and hunt him down first? Watch this exhilarating, and fast-paced series found among Six show suggestions.

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Starring: Anna Paquin, Shawn Doyle, and Billy MacLellan

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Bellevue is an eerily mysterious and an exciting addition to Six alternatives. Bellevue is about a working-class town of do-gooders and perfect people. Detective Annie Ryder is the epitome of exactly what they don’t want in their town. With the disappearance of a transgender teen, Annie must start to interrogate those she is closest to causing friction and glares around town. A stranger from her past is also in the midst and he tries to get in her head with painful stories of her past. Dive into this town of do-gooders and get ready for a thrilling ride. Bellevue is a must watch in shows like Six.

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Starring: Luke Roberts, Sarah Greene, and Brandon Jay McLaren

Hostage situations are always stressful and exciting, especially in this story similar to Six. Eric Beaumont is a skilled hostage negotiator who roams the globe in pursuit of criminals, working with elite government agencies. Eric and his team try to take down the most threatening criminals in the world in all sorts of different situations, including kidnappings, hostage, and ransom cases. Shows like Six are action-packed and electrifying, just like Ransom.

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Starring: Inbar Lavi, Brian Benben, and Katherine LaNasa

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Maddie is a beautiful and dangerous grifter. She has a full resume of robbing and using people and has left a long trail of victims behind her. Her one rule is to never fall in love with a target, unfortunately, this new ” victim ” is getting too close to comfort.

Patrick is causing a lot of complications in Maddie’s work. So are three of her previous victims that are trying to track her down now that they realized they have been scammed. Imposters is an exciting series about deception just like the other Six recommendations.

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Good Behavior

Starring: Michelle Dockery, Juan Diego Botto, and Terry Kinney

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Letty Raines just got a new lease on life with her release from prison. Letty loves living on the edge and being one step away from crossing the line. While eavesdropping, Letty hears about a man looking for someone to murder his wife she knows right away that she wants the job and sets out to find him. Things don’t go as smoothly as planned in this addition to shows like Six, and Letty soon finds herself entangled with a seductive man in a very dangerous situation in this show called Good Behavior.

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Starring: Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook, and Pedro Pascal

Pablo Escobar is a savage Colombian drug lord but he is also a family man with good values. Narcos gives us a perspective on both sides of morality making this show very interesting to watch. Amazing scenes and a classy production make this series touch you through the screen. Fall in love with a very bad man in this excellent series on the list of shows like Six.

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