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5 Alaskan Living Shows Like Yukon Men

Starring: The Villagers Of Tanana, Alaska

Yukon Men is the story about brave and ambitious people who live deep in the frigid world of Alaska. Travel to Tanana, near the Yukon River, and watch the townsfolk of this small village as they raise sled dogs, fish, hunt, trap game and log in these harsh temperatures.

This series is about survival and being part of a tight-knit community, below is a list of other Alaskan living shows like Yukon Men!

Alaskan Bush People

Starring: The Brown Family

The Brown’s have never liked living among modern civilization, they want to live off the land and survive on their own. Father, Billy, mother, Ami, and 7 children, Matt, Bam, Gabe, Bear, Noah, Bird, and Rainy work together to make Chichagof Island their home. Life on their own isn’t always easy, especially after bear attacks and medical emergencies, but The Browns always figure out a way to pull through. The Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People is a discovery into how this family lives and a heartwarming series on the list of Alaskan living shows like Yukon Men.

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Ice Lake Rebels

Starring: A group of people who want to live self-sufficiently and free

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Some people chose to live in the city, some choose the country, some like the warm, others want to live on a houseboat in Alaska in the middle of nowhere in sub-zero temperatures. Ice Lake Rebels is about those who want to be self-sufficient and alone in the world, deep in Alaska, on a houseboat. They can live tax-free and can anchor where they want in this series among Alaskan living series like Yukon Men.

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Life Below Zero

Starring: 4 Alaskan families

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In this hard hitting addition to Yukon Men alternatives, we look into the lives of 4 Alaskan families living far away from each other in secluded areas of Alaska. See how the seasons affect them and how they manage to survive and live a happy life in freezing cold temperatures in this reality tv series called Life Below Zero.

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Mountain Men

Starring: Men who live off the land

Eustace Conway, Tom Oar, and Marty Meierotto have decided to shed their former city life skin and give it all up to live in the wild. These men want a simpler life, but with hunting for food, preparing for winter, and fighting off wild animals, is living in the wilderness really easier? This reality series called Mountain Men must be added to Alaskan living shows like Yukon Men because it shows what living in a world without technology and comforts is really about.

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Live Free Or Die

Starring: 5 people who chose to leave modern life

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Lastly, we must talk about Live Free or Die. This series must be added to our list of shows like Yukon Men. These people haven’t all gone to Alaska, but they have decided to live off the grid. They will only live off of raw materials they have traded or found. Watch as they succeed and fail at fishing, trapping, foraging, and building their own homes in this live free or die view of life.

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