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6 Body Swapping Movies Like 17 Again


Starring: Zac Efron, Matthew Perry, and Leslie Mann

When Mike O’Donnell was 17, he was a superstar. He was a shoo-in for college, captain of the basketball team, and dating the girl of his dreams, Scarlet. During a game, things take a nosedive when Scarlet tells Mike she is pregnant. They get married and raise a family. Sadly, Mike was never the same, he became unhappy after this quick life turn. Scarlet finally gives up on Mike and throws him out of the house.

When Mike also loses his job, he thinks he’s hit rock bottom. He just wants to go back to high school where everything was perfect. At his old high school, Mike runs into a janitor and gets offered to be 17 again, he accepts this ridiculous proposition as a joke. Weirdly enough, the next day Mike wakes up as his 17-year-old self.

17 Again is an insightful ”What if you could try again?” story, for more movies like 17 Again about body swapping, enjoy this great list below.

The Change Up


Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Leslie Mann, and Olivia Wilde

One of the funniest 17 Again alternatives called The Change Up is about two best friends who grew apart. Mitch is single, he hates responsibility, and can hardly hold onto a job. Dave is a husband and has three children, he is an overworked lawyer, and can never find time for himself. Both men are envious of each other’s lives.

When Mitch and Dave finally find time for fun, they have a great drunken night together. The next morning things aren’t as expected, and the grown men start to freak out, they are in each other’s bodies! Mitch and Dave soon realized that each other’s lives aren’t as rosy as they thought, in this crude and comical addition to movies like 17 Again, that has a great rhythm and finds a way to balance everything out.

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The Hot Chick


Starring: Rob Schneider, Matthew Lawrence, Anna Faris, and Rachel McAdams

The 17 Again film is a body-switching movie just like this one called The Hot Chick. When a gang of hot and popular girls go into a new age store at the mall, they never expected to find real magic. Jessica Spencer, the leader, who uses her looks to get whatever she wants, spots a pair of earrings in this mystical store. Sadly, they are not for sale, but spoiled Jessica finds a way to get them.

When the girls run into a robber called Clive at a gas station, one of the earrings is lost. Clive and Jessica both try on the single remaining earring from separate locations, little did they know that this would change their lives forever. The next day, both have switched bodies.

Jessica is now in the body of a 30 something lowlife and, Clive is now in Jessica’s beautiful teenage body. Clive immediately takes advantage of the situation using this new sexy body for multiple crime sprees, blaming it all on Jessica. While Jessica is stuck in a hairy man’s body, her flirting tactics don’t work as good anymore.

Luckily, Jessica’s best friend April believes the switch and they both work together to get everything back to normal. The luckiest loser and hottest chick in town just switched bodies in this awesome addition to movie recommendation for 17 Again.

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Freaky Friday


Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Lindsay Lohan, Mark Harmon, and Chad Michael Murray

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Moms and teenage daughters have always had trouble getting along because of the wide generation gap. In this family addition to movies like 17 Again, the family duo gets to spend time in each other’s shoes.

During a family dinner at a Chinese restaurant, Tess and her teenage daughter Anna, get into a huge fight. During the fight, the owner’s mother gives each girl a fortune cookie. Coincidentally, Tess and Anna read the message at the same time, and an earthquake that only they feel occurs.

The next day Tess wakes up in Anna’s room, in her body, and vice-versa for Anna. Tess and Anna agree to keep this ordeal a secret until they can figure out what has happened. Both learn more about each other and start to develop a mutual respect for the other generation. We must include Freaky Friday among body swapping movie suggestions for 17 Again because it’s an amusing and entertaining, family flick, with an amazing cast.

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13 Going On 30


Starring: Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, and Judy Greer

During an utter humiliation at her 13th birthday party, Jenna Rink just wants to disappear. She hides in a closet, and thanks to some wishing dust she becomes her 30-year-old self. Adult Jenna is fabulous, she has a hot boyfriend, an awesome body, a great apartment, and a dream job. Nothing could be better, in this body swapping movie like 17 Again called 13 Going on 30.

The more Jenna lives her adult life, the more she wants to be a child again. Thankfully, her childhood best friend, Matt, is still around, but he isn’t the same boy she left behind in the basement during her 13th birthday party. Jennifer Garner shines, in this bright and brilliant story among movie suggestions for 17 Again.

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It’s A Boy Girl Thing


Starring: Samaire Armstrong, Kevin Zegers, and Sherry Miller

We must add It’s a Boy Girl Thing to our list of flicks like 17 Again. Nell Bedworth and Woody Deane are neighbors, and they despise each other. Nell is a virgin, a bookworm, and ready for Yale. Woody is a rude jock, who things football will open doors for him.

During a trip to a museum together, Woody and Nell get into a huge fight, in front of an Aztec god statue. Just like the other films like 17 Again, this quarreling duo swap bodies during the night. At first, they both try to ruin each other’s reputations but realize that this will hinder their chances at college, making Nell and Woody finally get along to help each other out.

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Just My Luck


Starring: Chris Pine, Lindsay Lohan, Faizon Love, and Missi Pyle

Just my Luck spins a new tale about body swapping, compared to the other movie recommendations for 17 Again. Ashley is no doubt, the luckiest girl in Manhattan. Everything good falls right into her lap, and everything bad avoids her. Jake Hardin is the exact opposite. Nothing goes right for Jake. He is clumsy, accident prone, and ill-fated in Just My Luck.

When Jake and Ashley cross paths and have a passionate kiss during a masquerade party, something strange happens, their luck trades places. Watch this lucky addition to movies like 17 Again, that gives us a fresh concept on body-swapping. See how Jake deals with luck, and Ashley deals with misfortune, in this cute and original addition to flick like 17 Again.

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