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5 Business Shows Like Shark Tank

Starring: Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Barbara Corcoran

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Shark Tank is a business reality show with a pretty basic concept. People with budding businesses pitch their ideas and products to the sharks, who are very successful entrepreneurs. The Sharks view the products and listen to the pitches. After some questions and comments, they decide if they want to invest or drop out.

Sometimes the product is so amazing that a bidding war erupts in the Shark Tank, other times the entrepreneurs are too greedy and miss out on excellent offers.

Watch these business shows like Shark Tank that dive deep into the business world.

Dragon’s Den

Starring: Arlene Dickinson, Manjit Minhas, Jim Treliving, and Michael Wekerle

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Dragon’s Den is exactly the same concept as the latter, except it is the Canadian version. People with businesses or product ideas come to the set to pitch their ideas. The Dragon’s are ready to part with thousands of dollars but the demonstration has to be enticing enough to get their attention. Getting a Dragon on your team is a huge success from the get-go and has helped many companies go from a thousand sales to millions. Watch the pitches, the deals or the failures in this series found among business shows like Shark Tank.

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West Texas Investors Club

Starring: Rooster McConaughey and Butch Gilliam

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Texas is a large state and home to a lot of wealthy people. Butch and Rooster want to share their wealth with determined entrepreneurs. Rooster and Butch add love and passion to investing shows like Shark Tank. The men of the West Texas Investors Club aren’t afraid to laugh and put their heart and soul into the commitments they make. They get to know the person behind the business. This original concept in series like Shark Tank lets us see a softer side to business with the same results, enjoy!

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The Profit

Starring: Marcus Lemonis

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Marcus Lemonis has a personal fund of two million dollars to help out struggling companies in this series similar to Shark Tank. When Marcus can set aside time from his multi-billion dollar company,  he hunts for entrepreneurs who are desperate for help and cash. Each episode is about Marcus making an offer to a new enterprise, an offer they can’t refuse. In The Profit, Marcus offers cash and expertise to those in need, and in return, he gets a part of the company. Marcus is a guardian angel to business owner’s who have lost hope.

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Undercover Boss

Starring: a new executive each episode

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What do you do when you have flaws in your company but don’t know where they are coming from? You dress yourself up and go undercover in your own company. By going undercover it gives the bosses an inside look at what is happening. This scrutiny shows the boss who is a liability to the company and how important their jobs are to them. Undercover Boss gives you an inside look at the companies.

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Like A Boss

Starring: Nick Cannon and Drekia Glenn

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Being an executive’s assistant is hard, trying to claw your way to the top is even harder, but the perseverance makes it all worth it in one of the newest shows like Shark Tank. Like a Boss is about 4 assistants to some top notch entrepreneurs who must start at the bottom and prove themselves to become the future C.E.O. The protégés must demonstrate their focus, drive, and talents while battling with personal and professional problems. The assistants know that with just one little mistake like getting the wrong coffee they can receive the deadly pink slip and all their hard work was for nothing.

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