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5 College Shows Like Friday Night Lights

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Starring: Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, and Aimee Teegarden

This show called Friday Night Lights is also known as Blue Mountain State. Friday night is the only night that is important in the small town of Dillon in Texas. New coach, Eric Taylor arrives at the school to bring The Panthers to the state championship. Star quarterback, Jason Street, has just been paralyzed, so Eric must use all his abilities to get the team ready for the big games. He knows his family will be disgraced in the town if he cannot bring it up to par.

Friday Night Lights is also about three freshmen who start attending Blue Mountain State University, and their trials with school, hazing, and girls. Make sure to browse our list of college shows like Friday Night Lights for more college antics. Own these best tv series on DVD buy following the links provided. If you’re lucky, you might even get some of the first episodes for free.

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Starring: Jacob Zachar, Spencer Grammer, and Scott Michael Foster

Rusty, a college freshman arrives at Cyprus Rhodes University, much to his sister, Caseys, dismay. Being the nerd in high school he wants a fresh start by being cool in college. Rusty decides to join a fraternity in this show called Greek. During rush, he spies his sister’s boyfriend in bed with another girl from the top fraternity. This gets him in hot water and makes him join a rival fraternity. The head of Kappa Kappa Tau, Cappie, soon becomes a big brother to him. Follow Rusty as he goes from geek to Greek. Parties, girls, romances, and fights await you in this college story in shows like Friday Night Lights.

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Starring: Aly Michalka and Ashley Tisdale

The sexiest addition to Friday Night Lights show suggestions is Hellcats. Competitive cheerleading can be a wild world. Watch Marti Perkins as she juggles pre-law classes and cheerleading. Marti isn’t what you’d expect in a cheerleader, she doesn’t have the usual PEP, but being short on money and an avid dancer she knows it will be a piece of cake to get a cheerleading scholarship at Lancer College. If you enjoy dancing, great music and lots of pretty people, then this show is the perfect fit for you. Hellcats must be added Blue Mountain State show alternatives! Get this complete tv series on DVD by following the links provided.

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Sweet Vicious

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Starring: Eliza Bennett and Taylor Cranston

This series revolves around Jules, a sorority girl, and Ophelia, a slacker, and stoner, who band together to get even with all the rapists on campus. The girls become secret vigilantes, menacing the rapists and sometimes attacking them, getting the message out that they better not even look at a girl wrong or they will be back. Sweet Vicious is dark and funny and grapples the controversial subjects of rape and the problems that ensue when you report what happened to the justice system, especially when the boy in question is “Mr. Popular” on campus. Sweet Vicious takes a whole new route on college shows like Friday Night Lights.

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Starring: Jay Baruchel, Monica Keena, and Jason Segel

Undeclared was a short lived legacy in college shows like Friday Night Lights. College is one of the best experiences of your life. Follow Steve Karp and his roommates as they go through dating, parties, and studying for exams all the while being invaded by Steve’s lonely, recently divorced dad. Get this addition to our list of old tv shows on DVD by clicking on the links or the button found here. Seth Rogan, Jason Segel and Jay Baruchel star in this funny series similar to Friday Night Lights.

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Starring: Chevy Chase, Joel McHale and Gillian Jacobs

Jeff Winger has to go back to community college because he was disbarred. He sets his eyes on a pretty girl named Britta that he asks to join his study group. She takes this as an open invitation and thus, the study group is born. Community follows the events that happen in the said study room. This college show takes place in a study room without much studying. Get ready for paintball wars, the Dean in crazy costumes, an evil Spanish teacher, a school-wide pillow fort and more. Don’t miss out on this great addition to our list of Friday Night Lights show recommendations.

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