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5 Cool Galaxy Things To Splurge On

The Galaxy is an infinite place of beauty and intrigue. On our list of Space Movies Like Star Wars, we find ourselves in different universes high up in the sky. They may all belong to different movies, but they all have stuff in common. Sparkling stars, planets, ships, and aliens are some of the things we see in each world. These things are what captures our attention when we think of the night’s sky. There’s a lot of space themed items on the market, we’ve found some cool galaxy things just for you, and have listed them below. Enjoy!

Marvel’s Baby Dancing Groot

marvels baby dancing groot

This baby dancing Groot toy is absolutely adorable. Based on the popular movie called Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s Baby Dancing Groot is a life sized version of the famous character. This toy must be added to our list of cool galaxy things. When the 11.5″ Groot hears any music in your home, his eyes light up and he starts to dance. You can even play his internal songs from the movie, with the push of a button. This little guy makes a great gift for a child or for any adult that loves the popular franchise.

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Lightsaber BBQ Tongs With Sounds

lightsaber bbq tongs with sounds

Lightsabers are a big part of the Star Wars franchise. They make neat sounds, are cool to look at, and are awesome to duel with. We’ve found a lightsaber that stands out from the rest. These Lightsaber BBQ Tongs with Sounds will make you feel like a Jedi each time you cook a tasty meal on your grill. Use these 22″ tongs to turn your meat to the dark side and add a side effect while you cook. When you’re done eating, you can put the plastic shaft on the tongs and use it like a real Jedi lightsaber. Because of all these reasons, we must add this adult toy to our list of cool galaxy things to splurge on.

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 Heat Changing Constellation Mug

colour changing mug

Add the night’s sky to your morning routine with this cool color changing mug. This is the best coffee cup for anyone who loves the galaxy and wants to learn more about constellations. This 10 oz coffee mug changes color with heat. Your heat changing constellation mug will start off looking like a typical starry night, as you add your hot beverage, you’ll see 11 constellations appear before your eyes. Find your zodiac sign as you read your daily horoscope.

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Alien: Isolation

alien isolation video game

The galaxy can be a pretty scary place, especially when we add in the possibility of aliens. We don’t know much about them, are they good or evil? Our list of space movies have a ton of them, and so does this video game called Alien: Isolation. This game is terrifying, and a lot of fun. Set in space, you find yourself alone on a ship with scary space creatures on your tail. Alien: Isolation is one of the top horror games about survival for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Discover the true meaning of fear with this addition to our list of cool galaxy things.

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The Earth 5 Panel Landscape

Add some unique wall art decor to your home with these canvas hangings. The Earth 5 Panel Landscape is a beautiful set of cool wall art that will bring the universe to any room of your home. View the Earth from above each time you lay in bed, watch tv, or eat at the dinner table. The 5 canvas prints all fit together perfectly, are ready to hang, and are in high definition. If you’re looking for a new conversation piece for your home, you should check out The Earth 5 Panel Landscape.

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