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5 Reality Dating Shows Like The Bachelor


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The Bachelor is a reality dating game show produced in America.

This series has been airing since 2002 and is still airing today. Because of its popularity spin-offs have been made, including Bachelor Pad, Bachelor in Paradise, and of course, The Bachelorette.

This reality dating show is about a single bachelor looking for love, he must date several women over numerous weeks, thinning out his choices as the weeks go by, with a presentation of a rose for the ones who will continue onto the next episode, to finally be the final ”single rose” winner.

Fights, jealousy, backstabbing, tears, and joy are just a few things to expect with The Bachelor. Here are so sexy and exciting reality dating shows like The Bachelor.


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Everyone knows about Tinder, whether you’ve used it or not.

This reality dating show similar to The Bachelor is based on the dating app. On the Coupled reality show, each week, 1 man will join 12 single women who will have a choice to either swipe right – and get to know him at the Tiki Bar or swipe left – and return to their bungalow and wait for the next arrival.

Each contestant is given a cellphone to interact with each other. Their pictures and text messages are shown during the episodes.

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The Millionaire Matchmaker

Starring: Patti Stanger

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Patti Stanger is a third-generation matchmaker and businesswoman making it a logical choice for her to start her own dating show. The Millionaire Matchmaker belongs on the list of reality dating series like The Bachelor because Patti does an amazing job at setting up millionaires with the perfect person. This show matches wealthy single people, with suitable dates. Click on the link above to see what it would be like to date a millionaire!

The Millionaire Matchmaker is of the best additions to shows like The Bachelor.

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Dating Naked

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This reality series in The Bachelor show recommendations, has a fresh new idea, why not get naked on your first date? Every dating activity is done naked, salsa dancing, zip-lining, even bird-watching. Getting to know someone new while the other person is naked is actually easier than fully clothed.

Watch this naked addition to shows like The Bachelor, for a very original way to date. Dating Naked is the show that dares to bare it all, on the first date.

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Sexy Beasts

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People usually want to date others they are attracted to. This great series among series like The Bachelor takes attraction off the table. The love of your life might be right in front of you but you have to get past the incredible prosthetics to find out.

The contestants on this show must get to know each other purely on personality and at the end of the episode, they choose the person they liked the most and get to see their real face.

If you loved the other The Bachelor show alternatives, you will also love Sexy Beasts.

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Burning Love

Starring: Ken Marino, Micheal Ian Black, and June Diane Raphael

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Lastly, on the list of shows similar to The Bachelor, we find this comedic series called Burning Love. Burning Love is for those who want a little humor on a dating show. Celebrities act as reality contestants, spoofing reality dating series like The Bachelor. This show exaggerates all you can find in normal reality dating shows. This series is a must watch for non-stop laughter!

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