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7 Heartfelt Shows Like Heartland

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Starring: Amber Marshall, Graham Wardle, and Michelle Morgan

Heartland is one of the best Canadian tv shows and it’s currently on its 10th season. This feel-good story chronicles the lives of multiple generations who live and work on a ranch in Alberta, Canada. View the family as they go through happy and tough times on their family ranch. Below is a list of our top heartfelt shows similar to the Heartland tv series that are sure to make an impression on your heart. Families stick together through thick and thin and these shows like the CBC Heartland tv series show just how much. Get ready for an emotional roller coaster filled with enough gripping moments to keep you on the edge of your seat. We hope you love all of these tv series like Heartland, we sure did.


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Starring: Genevieve Padalecki, Nicole Tubiola, Nana Visitor

Wildfire is a lot like the Heartland show. This series is about Kris Furillo. Kris finds herself on parole after a bad turn in life. Luckily, a man named Pablo Betart has decided to give Kris a chance and lets her work on a ranch. Wildfire is a horse that Kris makes an unexpected connection with at the Ritter Ranch. She also new friends, romance, and excitement at the Ranch too. If you love horses, you’ll love Wildfire. This is a great addition to our list of shows similar to the Heartland tv series.

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October Road

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Starring: Laura Prepon, Bryan Greenberg, and Odette Annable

One of the most underrated shows like Heartland is October Road. October Road is an emotional series about a man who returns to his hometown of Knights Ridge, Massachusetts, after a decade. Now a famous author, Nick Garrett, must deal with the repercussions of writing about the people of his hometown in his book and with the people he left behind 10 years ago.

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Life Is Wild

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Starring: Leah Pipes, Stephanie Niznik, Andrew St-John, and D. W. Moffett

Here is a great family story in Heartland show suggestions, that you probably missed. A veterinarian from New York moves to South Africa with his second wife their children from previous relationships. The family moves in with his deceased first wives father-in-law on a game reserve. In this story, see how the family learns to adjust to living in Africa and the struggles they go through to get along as an extended family. Life is Wild must be added to series like Heartland.

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McLeod’s Daughters

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Starring: Bridie Carter, Simmone Jade Mackinnon, and Aaron Jeffrey

McLeod’s Daughters must belong amongst shows like Heartland. After his wife’s passing, Jack marries Ruth Silverman and leaves the family ranch to move to the city with his new wife. 20 years later Jack suddenly passes away and the inheritance is passed on to his girls. The girls decide to run the ranch themselves with help from their housekeeper and a local girl.

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Strange Empire

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Starring: Cara Gee, Tattiawna Jones, Melissa Farman

Strange Empire is the most exciting addition to our list of alternatives to the Heartland show. This show is also a little less feel good and a lot more stimulating. If you love the western theme of the other shows on this list, and all the horses, you’ll love Strange Empire. This series revolves around three women who must band together to survive in their small town called Janestown. They must do this because all the men in their strange little town have been murdered. Strange Empire is a fresh take on western tv shows, that stars beautiful and independent women. Enjoy!

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Life In Pieces

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Starring: Colin Hanks, Zoe Lister-Jones, and James Brolin

Life in Pieces is about the Short family as they go about their normal lives in Los Angeles County. The Short family has three generations. Four short stories are told through each episode. The first stories in this series are called: “First Date”, “The Delivery”, “The College Tour”, and “The Funeral”. Add Life in Pieces to your list of shows like Heartland to watch next and witness everyday events that are all too familiar.

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7th Heaven

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Starring: Jessica Biel, Stephen Collins, Beverley Mitchell, and Catherine Hicks

We cannot forget to add 7th Heaven to shows like Heartland. 7th Heaven was a heart-tugging series, that aired for 11 years. This show similar to Heartland is about the Camden’s who live in Glenoak, California. The patriarch of the family is a minister, with 7 children. Despite being a religious family, the Camden’s go through the same things as any normal family. Watch how this loving and understanding family deals with these emotional moments of life in one of the best shows like Heartland.

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