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5 Finds To Feel Like A Queen

If you’ve ever watched the Reign tv show, you’ve surely noticed all the extravagant fashion and accessories the beauties on this show wear each episode. These women have a Reign costume designer to help them out. You have us. We’ve searched the web to find 5 things that will make you look just like Mary in the show. You can use the items below to feel like a queen for a day or add them to your daily attire to walk the streets in style and rule your neighborhood. The choice is up to you. We hope you enjoy our picks. Enjoy!

Hooded Long Cloak

reign red cape

There’s one thing that Mary wears a lot, and that’s her gorgeous red cloak. You can own one of your own by clicking on the link above. This hooded long cloak is made out of velvet and is fully lined to keep you warm in chilly weather. Live like a queen as you walk to work or wait for a cab. The gold clasps add a royal look and the hood will keep you protected from the elements. This burgundy cape is American made with superior quality fabrics. Feel the flow and walk like the rich in this velvet cape.

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Twigs And Honey Headband

gold twig headpiece


This supreme headband is one of the many we see Mary wear on Reign. When you wear it you’ll definitely feel like a queen. Pair it with a simple pair of jeans and a stylish shirt for a night on the town or wear it with an exquisite dress at an event to have every head turn toward your way. This Twigs and Honey headband is made out of freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals and it’s finished with a gold metallic ribbon to tie it perfectly around your head. Beautiful headbands like this shouldn’t be kept for special occasions, add one to your style each day for a unique look of royalty.

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Lapis Lazuli Pendant Necklace

blue necklace pendant

In the Reign series, Mary wears a beautiful blue pendant necklace made out of Lapis Lazuli. You can wear one too. This Lapis Lazuli Pendant necklace is perfect for every day and for any formal event you might need to attend. A certification of authenticity comes with each necklace and it’s delivered in a pouch for extra protection. Tiberio Gonzales crafts each necklace to ensure perfect artistry each time. The silver necklace that holds the pendant is made out of .925 sterling silver and it’s 18 inches in length. If you want to feel like a queen without overdoing it, you should treat yourself with one of these beautiful blue necklaces.

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Floral Lace Print Maxi Gown

red dress


If you really want to feel like a queen for a day, you have to own your own gown similar to the Reign dresses seen on the show. This floral lace print maxi gown has a fresh summer print that can be worn with flats for a relaxing look or paired it with the jewelry above, and a fancy clutch, for a nighttime cocktail party. You must add a red dress to your queen fashion. It will become one of your favorite party dresses because it’s so comfortable and exquisite. Dress like a queen without breaking the bank, this gown will only cost you around $50.

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Vintage Handheld Mirror

vintage handheld mirror


Mary has to always look amazing. To be sure she always is, she uses a vintage handheld mirror just like this one. This mirror is painted with organic colors and hand carved. Use it every day to feel and look like a queen. It’s also small enough to fit in your bag so you can bring it everywhere you go. You can also hang it on the wall as a beautiful decoration. Admire yourself up close in the quality optical glass and the lightweight handle is great for people of all ages. You’ll never get tired of checking yourself out in this unique hand held mirror. It also makes a great gift.


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