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5 Fun Family Shows Like Modern Family

Starring: Sophia Vergara, Ed O’Neill, Julie Bowen and Eric Stonestreet

Modern Family is a hilarious mockumentary about 3 different kinds of interrelated families living in the Los Angeles area. Phil and Claire have an extended family with three children, Haley, a ditzy teen, Alex, a nerdy middle child and a very unique son Luke. Mitchell and Cameron are in a same-sex relationship and have adopted a Vietnamese daughter named Lily. Jay is Claire and Mitchell’s father, he is married to a sexy and much younger Columbian woman named Gloria, who has a son from a previous marriage and a baby son with Jay.

Each episode depicts a comical view on real life family situations.

If you loved this one, then you will love these other fun family shows like Modern Family.

Friday Night Dinner

Starring: Tamsin Greig, Simon Bird, Paul Ritter and Tom Rosenthal

This hilarious addition to Modern Family will hook you right away. Every scene has something to grin at. This series is about two brothers who go home every Friday night for dinner but something always goes wrong, whether it’s Jim the weird neighbor and his dog Wilson, horrible grandma or even dad who ‘”got stung by a bee while taking a wee”.

This show is a must watch laugh out loud comedy,  follow the link to get watching it right away.

Friday Night Dinner is one of the best shows like Modern Family.

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The Middle

Starring: Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn

The Middle will make you feel just at home, laughing at the screen will be a bonus. The Middle focuses on the Heck family who lives in Orson, Indiana. The Heck’s are a low-income family, down on their luck, but a little ingenuity gets them out of sticky situations.

The mom Frankie, dad Mike, daughter Sue and sons Axl and Brick will make you understand that even if your kitchen is a mess, or if you fight with your teenager, or even if your husband forgets you on Mother’s Day, you shouldn’t give up and at the end of the day your family loves you and is there for you and you will make it through.

This very real life addition to show similar to Modern Family will surely make you smile.

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The Goldbergs

Starring: Wendi McLendon-Covey, Sean Giambrone, and Troy Gentile

Price: $12.47
Was: $26.99

The Goldbergs is another one of the families in fun family shows like Modern Family. Travel back in time to the 1980’s, in Pennsylvania, where family life was a lot simpler, for most, maybe not The Goldbergs.

Mom, Beverly, is overprotective and doesn’t know how to respect boundaries. Dad, Murray, has a hot temper and screams a lot. Erica the eldest is horrible and mean, middle child Barry takes after his dad and the youngest child Adam likes to document the family antics with his video camera.

Also living with this crazy family is grandfather ”Pops”. Pops gets into even more trouble than the kids with his wild antics and his chaotic ways.

Roll over laughing with this retro version of Modern Family.

If you loved the other Modern Family show recommendations, then you’ll absolutely enjoy The Goldbergs.

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Raising Hope

Starring: Lucas Neff, Martha Plimpton, Cloris Leachman and Garret Dillahunt

Price: $11.25
Was: $19.98

Raising Hope must be added to shows like Modern Family. One night stands are usually over with the next day, this one included a big surprise for James ”Jimmy” Chance. Jimmy got his one night stand pregnant, and to put a cherry on top of it all, his one night stand was a serial killer who got sentenced to death row. Months later, Jimmy gets custody of his daughter, Hope, and with his dysfunctional but well-intentioned family, they raise the bouncing baby girl.

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Up All Night

Starring: Christina Applegate and Will Arnett

Lastly, in show recommendations for Modern Family, we must add Up All Night. Stay at home dad, Chris, and successful talk show executive producer mom, Reagan, must learn to adjust to the life of being parents. Being a parent is hard, being sleep deprived, rattled in self-doubt and trying to understand today’s parenting protocols is just a bonus. Just finding time for a shower can be an impossible challenge. Reagan and Chris are constantly being reminded of the carefree life they set aside to start a family. The couple wonders if they made a mistake in starting a family. Click on the link above for this amusing show just like the other fun family shows like Modern Family.

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