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6 Girly Movies Like Clueless


Starring: Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, and Brittany Murphy

Cher is a fashionista living in Beverly Hills. She is a high schooler dealing with teenage problems. Being rich and popular makes some things easier but not everything. Learning to drive, for instance, can’t be bought.

At first, Cher comes off as superficial but behind her wit and charm she is intelligent and a great friend. Cher cares about her father, friends, and school. This chick flick about rich 90’s kids is a classic, a much watch, and should be on the top of your list for girly movies, and the Clueless outfits are awesome.

For more films with strong female leads watch theses alternatives to Clueless.

Legally Blonde


Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Coolidge, Luke Wilson, and Selma Blair

Elle is pretty, blond, and popular just like Cher from Clueless. Everything for Elle Woods has always been easy. She is sorority president, Miss June on her campus calendar and even a Hawaiian Tropic girl. The cutest fraternity boys want to date her but Elle is in love with Warner Huntington III. Warner, on the other hand, thinks that Elle is too superficial, too blonde, and too pink.

When Warner leaves town to go to Harvard, Elle decides she will prove that she is more than just a shallow blond in this addition to Clueless movie recommendations. Elle enrolls at Harvard to practice law and surprisingly, gets accepted. This new school is a lot harder than Elle expected. Studying to be a lawyer is far from shopping and sitting poolside. Elle is a typical blond who takes the stand and proves to the world that loving the color pink and being girly can be an advantage in a court of law.

Legally Blonde is one of the best movies like Clueless.

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Material Girls


Starring: Hilary and Haylie Duff

Ava and Tanzie are cosmetic queens. Their late father was the founder of Marchetta Cosmetics. These superficial sisters never cared about the company, all they wanted was to spend all the money. When a scandal breaks out about Marchetta Cosmetics and they lose their fortune, the girls have to move in with their maid and learn to live on a budget and find a job.

Ava and Tanzie soon learn who their true friends are, being penniless sure has its disadvantages. These cosmetic queens need to find out more about the scandal so they start investigating on their own, what they find out will knock your socks off, in this riches to rags and back again movie called Material Girls, that is very similar to Clueless.

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Starring: Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rebel Wilson, and Melissa McCarthy

Being a bridesmaid is hard work. Being Annie is even harder. While Annie’s friends all seem to have their life together she can’t seem to catch a break in this story in Clueless movie recommendations. Poor and heartbroken Annie gives it all she’s got to be the best maid of honor the world has seen, she does what she can to keep up with the weird rituals and expensive events. Bridesmaids is one of the saddest, and funniest movies like Clueless that shows just how far someone will go to make a loved one happy.

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Monte Carlo


Starring: Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, and Katie Cassidy

Grace, Emma, and Meg have always dreamed of leaving their little town to travel the world. With some meager savings, the girls finally take a dream trip to Paris. During a planned tour the girls decide to leave the flock and check out a luxury hotel. Coincidentally, there is a rich heiress, who is an exact twin of Grace staying in this fancy place, in this overseas adventure.

Before Meg, Grace, and Emma get a chance to explain they are just small-town folk, they get wrapped up in a princess’s dream that they never expected. Monte Carlo is about misadventures, romance, and friendship, making it a great addition to movies like Clueless.

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Confessions Of A Shopaholic


Starring: Isla Fisher, Hugh Dancy, and Krysten Ritter

Rebecca Bloomwood is obsessed with shopping in this before last addition to flicks like Clueless. She has wrapped up so much debt that she is now being harassed by a creditor called Derek Smeath, she even has a special ringtone to warn her about his calls. Rebecca needs to find money fast and gets a job at a financial magazine after a mix-up one drunken night.

Ironically, Rebecca is now working for a company that teaches people to save and use their money wisely. Rebecca’s dream job is to work for a renowned fashion magazine called Alette, which is produced in the same building as her current job. Rebecca tries very hard to get noticed by the crew downstairs.

The more Rebecca works for her new boss and company, the more she wonders if fate has another plan in store for her and if she’s exactly where she should be. Confessions of a Shopaholic is a charming story of obsession, determination, and love, this film must be added to your list of girl movies like Clueless to watch for all these reasons and more.

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Bride Wars


Starring: Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, and Candice Bergen

Best friends, Liv and Emma have been dreaming about their wedding since they were little girls in this jealous film among Clue movie suggestions. When the girls get engaged they are ecstatic. They couldn’t be happier, their lifelong dream is about to come true. There is only one thing wrong, both girls can have booked the venue on the same day.

War is about to erupt between these two best friends. Only one can get married on the reserved date, the other will have to wait. See how far a bride is willing to go to get what she wants, in this movie called Bride Wars that tells the story of two women who go crazy once an engagement ring is on their finger.

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