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6 High School Shows Like One Tree Hill

Starring: Chad Michael Murray, Sophia Bush, and Hilarie Burton

This emotional series is about two half-brothers and their friends, and families.

In addition to being Half-brothers, Lucas and Nathan were raised by different mothers, Lucas has been practically abandoned by his father. As a consequence, both brothers have mixed reactions towards each other, varying from kinships to hostilities on and off the basketball court.

Here are high school shows like One Tree Hill that you are sure to enjoy, each series has a special genre so there’s something for everyone! Throughout this page, you will find all the links you need to watch these best shows on Amazon Prime. Get these tv series on DVD or sign up for Amazon Prime to watch some of these shows for free.

Freaks and Geeks

Starring: Linda Cardellini, James Franco, and John Francis Daley

This high school series shows similar to One Tree Hill is set in 1980 at McKinley High. The Freaks are charismatic and cool and the Geeks are the inexperienced, AV Club nerds. Lindsay Weir begins as a geek but wants more, so she starts talking with the freaks.

Ultimately, Lindsay’s life does a total tailspin when she starts having teenage problems like drinking, drugs, dating, bullying and trying to get accepted with the ” Cool ” kids. Freaks and Geeks is the absolute greatest series among shows similar to One Tree Hill and must be watched immediately.

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The Inbetweeners

Starring: Simon Bird, Blake Harrison, James Buckley and Joe Thomas

One of the funniest and most sexual shows like One Tree Hill is The Inbetweeners. The Inbetweeners is a hilarious depiction of how boys will be boys, as a consequence get ready to roll over laughing. Friends, Will, Simon, Jay, and Neil are teenagers with peaked libidos. In fact, all the boys have on their minds are boners and boobs.

Friends, Will, Simon, Jay, and Neil are teenagers with peaked libidos. In fact, all the boys have on their minds is boners and boobs. The boys try to fit it by going to parties, getting drunk, cruising girls, and thinking they are cool in Simon’s yellow Fiat Cinquecento. Click on the button above to buy the complete tv series on DVD. You’re going to want to watch The Inbetweeners over and over again, guaranteed.

For more laughs watch both Inbetweeners movies!!

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Starring: Ashley Rickards, Beau Mirchoff, and Jillian Rose Reed

This addition to shows like One Tree Hill is about Jenna Hamilton. Awkward starts with Jenna having secret sex with the school’s hottie to almost dying in her bathtub and people thinking it was suicide. Jenna feels like hiding in a corner. Jenna can’t seem to catch a break.

Incidentally, everything she does catches unwanted attention. Luckily she has her two best friends to support her, and sometimes on again,  off again, sometimes secret boyfriend Matty McKibben.

Enjoy this sad depiction of a teenage life, in One Tree Hill show suggestions.

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Faking it

Starring: Rita Volk and Katie Stevens

In high school series like One Tree Hill, we don’t talk much about being gay, but in Faking It, that is the main subject. Karma and Amy have are best friends who just want to be popular. At this point, they decide that being gay will get them noticed so they announce to the school that they are in love. By doing this they attract the attention they want but also cause turmoil in other parts of their lives.

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Starring: Lea Michele, Jane Lynch, and Chris Colfer

Price: $40.00
Was: $99.98

Glee is the most musical story in One Tree Hill show recommendations. No doubt Glee is about singing and dancing, and high school. A bunch of Outsiders have joined Glee Club in hopes of escaping the realities of high school. Strangely enough, Glee Club helps the students in finding their voice, acceptance, and strength while they try to achieve their goals of the future.

In conclusion, Glee must be added to high school shows like One Tree Hill.

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Degrassi: Next Class

Starring: Ana Golja, Nikki Gould, Ricardo Hoyos, Sara Waisglass, and Olivia Scriven


Degrassi is a franchise about teenagers dealing with life’s problems. Everything from pregnancies to suicides. This Canadian tv show franchise has been teaching us life lessons and making us cry since 1987.

Degrassi: Next Class is the newest addition to the series. Sadly, it can only be found on Netflix but don’t get discouraged yet, the other series in this long-lasting addition to high school shows like One Tree Hill can be found on Amazon. You might even find some of these tv series on DVD for sale.

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