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6 Isolated Movies Like Hush


Starring: Kate Siegel and John Gallagher Jr.


Maddie is deaf. She lives alone in a secluded house in the woods that is adapted to her needs. It is the perfect spot to write and live a solitary life. This movie starts with a friendly visit from her neighbor, and friend, Sarah. When Sarah leaves, Maddie settles down for the night. Preparing her supper and checking on her work.

As darkness falls, Maddie doesn’t hear the stranger lurking around the house. Hush brings a new twist to home invasions, it sets you up for a night of terror and ingenuity. this solitary movie really sets the mood with it’s recurring mute audio, all you hear is your own heart beats.

For more Hush alternatives, that are thrilling and show just how strong a person can be when faced alone in a dangerous situation, browse the list below. We’re sure you enjoy every last one of the solitary movies like Hush.

The Shallows


Starring: Blake Lively

Shortly after the death of her mother, Nancy Adams a medical student escapes to a secluded beach in Mexico to surf and take a break from life, in this great story among flicks like Hush. A local gives Nancy a ride, the beach is better than she ever imagined. There are 3 men surfing, Nancy spends some time with them and chats for a while. When the boys take off for the night, Nancy decides to stay for a few last runs.

As the sun starts to set Nancy knows her surfing is over for the day so she heads to shore. On her way she suddenly gets attacked by a great white shark. This monster of the deep starts circling Nancy, she has to climb on a tiny rock, no bigger than the length of her body, for safety. Now stuck on a small rock, only 200 yards from shore, Nancy is stuck in the shallows against a great white shark.

This solitary addition to Hush recommendations is absolutely terrifying and Blake Lively gives a first class performance. Don’t miss this amazing story of will and survival called The Shallows!

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Starring: James Caan and Kathy Bates

Misery must be added to Hush alternatives. This Stephen King film is a ”pièce de résistance”. If you’ve never watched Misery, watch it, if you’ve seen it, watch it again.

Paul Sheldon is a writer, who just finished a new book, he is on his way home from his writer’s hideaway in Colorado, in one of the best films like Hush. Paul gets critically injured when a freak blizzard causes him to crash his car.

Luckily, nurse Annie Wilkes is traveling on the same secluded road and stops to help. She brings Paul to her home to take care of him. Annie is Paul’s ”number one fan” when she recognizes him, her obsession skyrockets. When Annie discovers that Paul’s heroine has been killed off, she becomes a madwoman. Add this unforgettable, psychotic, isolated film, to your movies like Hush to watch.

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Devil’s Pond


Starring: Kip Pardue and Tara Reid

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Mitch and Julianne are newlyweds in this story like the Hush horror film. The cabin is breathtaking, the location is perfect. Except for the water. Maddie is terrified of water, and it surrounds the cabin. What Maddie doesn’t know is that her new husband is a psycho.

Alone with each other, everything starts out like a normal honeymoon. But it doesn’t take long for Maddie to realize that her new husband never wants them to leave. Maddie is his now, this means she can never go. Maddie realizes that only one will leave the island, and she is ready to lose her life trying to escape this paradise that has turned into a personal hell.

This simple plot in Devil’s Pond packs a huge punch in our list of isolated movies like Hush. A very scary situation that reminds you that people like this exist in real life.

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Don’t Breathe


Starring: Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, and Dylan Minnette

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One of the most terrifying movies like Hush is about a woman named Rocky. Rocky is a young mother who wants a better life for her child, so she agrees to rob a wealthy old blind man with her boyfriend Money, and their friend Alex. Since he is blind and old, this job will be a piece of cake, they think.

The blind man may not see, but he is a ruthless opponent. He is the master of his domain and these young adults will not get the better of him. In movie recommendations for Hush, we must add Don’t Breath. This movie is nail-biting suspense from the moment the group enters the house.

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10 Cloverfield Lane


Starring: John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and John Gallagher Jr.

Michelle is driving on a dark road when it hits. She doesn’t know what it is but something is wrong with the world. Suddenly, she must swerve her car, causing an accident. When Michelle wakes up from the accident she finds herself chained to a wall in a small isolated room. Just like the other films like Hush, she finds herself all alone and scared. After a while, a man comes into the room. He gives her a few essential items.

Eventually, Michelle meets, Emmett, the third and last occupant of this strange place. The man, Howard, explains that this is his bunker and it is under his farm. He saved Emmet and Michelle from the end of the world. A widespread chemical is in the air and is killing every last human. Staying in the bunker is the only way to survive. Michelle doesn’t feel safe in this addition to flicks like Hush.

Something isn’t right.

Click on the link above to watch this claustrophobic story called 10 Cloverfield Lane.

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After The Dark


Starring: James D’Arcy, Sophie Lowe, and Daryl Sabara

In movie suggestions for Hush we find this philosophical thriller that is set in an everchanging isolated area. Mr. Zimit is a philosophy teacher to a class of 20 students. He challenges his students with a dark end-of-the-world scenario. Each student is assigned a random career and with these careers, the students must only pick 10 of their own to survive in an underground bunker during a nuclear apocalypse.

The first choice of killing off 10 students is hard, but not impossible, given the occupations, a farmer is more important than a poet. More and more choices are given by this sadistic teacher, which puts his students in very difficult situations of life or death. After the Dark is one of the most pensive movies like Hush is a story about what people have to do in a great moment of survival and the prices they have to pay to stay alive. The questions asked are mindblowing, what would you do?

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