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10 Must Have Necessities For A Perfect Movie Night At Home

Movies, we all love them. Watching a new release at the movie theater can be a fantastic experience. The big screen, the audio, the tasty treats, and the blackout room all work together to bring the picture you’re watching to life. But sometimes we just want to cuddle up on our couch, pig out, and watch a movie at home. This list of must have necessities for a perfect movie night at home features a collection of items that are guaranteed to help you amp up your own movie watching room in minutes. Take a look at our suggestions to find all that you need for a movie night party and the basic movie night essentials that should be included with each movie you watch. Watching a movie alone or with someone special will never be the same again.

Something Awesome To Watch

The first thing that you need to do before settling on the couch is to find something awesome to watch. Search a website like MoreMoviesLike to find great movie night films to watch. On MoreMoviesLike you can find a ton of movie suggestions similar to something that you’ve already enjoyed. The movie you choose will help you set the mood for the rest of the night and it will help you pick the perfect theme for a movie party. If you want to stream movies for free, you can get an Amazon Video free trial that lets you stream thousands of movies and gives you access to all of their original content for 30 days.

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A High Definition Television


You don’t need to have a brand new television to enjoy your movie, but it might be time to upgrade the screen that you’re using now. You can find a ton of quality screens with budget friendly prices on Amazon with the added bonus of quick and free shipping. Treat yourself to a high definition screen and if you really want to go all out, splurge for the 4K resolution. A 4K television has 4x more pixels than your standard HD tv. 

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A Reusable Blackout Cloth

At the movie theatre, you won’t find any windows because the best movies are watched in the dark. At home, it can be a challenge to cover the windows from passing cars and other reflective lights. This blackout cloth can help you turn your movie watching area into a dark cave in minutes. Cut the blackout cloth to fit your window and add Velcro or 3M command strips to stick it to the wall. Remove the blackout cloth when your movie is over. No sewing is needed and you can reuse it over and over again.

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A Cute Wall Decoration

A movie at the theatres isn’t complete without the concession stand commercial for tasty treats. This trio of colorful high quality cutouts includes a hot dog, popcorn, and a soda. Each cutout is about 18 inches and printed on both sides. One side is matte and one side is glossy. These fun cutouts, with their 80’s vibe, are guaranteed to grab your guest’s attention during every indoor and outdoor movie night party.

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A Durable Popcorn Maker

If you love to eat popcorn while watching a movie, you’ll love this collapsible silicone hot air popcorn popper. Add your un-popped kernels and put this handy device in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. You’ll get fluffy, fresh, and healthy popcorn to enjoy alone, or with your friends, each time that you use it. Eat your popcorn plain, with a lot of butter, or sprinkle a delicious seasoning on top of it for added flavor.

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A Variety Of Snacks

Popcorn is the perfect pairing for movie night, but sometimes we want something different. A large variety of snacks is the best way to go if you really want to enjoy your movie night at home. You can shop at your local store and stock up on all sorts of tasty treats for your palette or you can order a complete snack kit that’s sure to please anyone with a hunger craving. In the kit found here, you will find chips, candies, cookies, and more. Devour everything alone or share them with a friend.

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A Special Drinking Glass

We’ve covered the snacks, now we have to cover the drinks. These cool cups are great for cold and hot beverages and include a cover and a straw to keep spills from happening. There’s nothing worse than having to pause a movie because you have to suddenly clean up a sticky mess on your floor. These BPA-free, high quality, 16 oz. glasses are great for kids and adults. Use a permanent marker or vinyl decals to personalize each glass.

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A Comfortable Outfit

Watching a movie on the couch or in bed requires the perfect outfit. Something comfortable. You should really take the time to change into something that you feel relaxed in before settling down for the show. If you’re not fidgeting, you will get to enjoy the movie you’ve picked to the fullest. If you need something cozy to wear during movie night, consider the SleepyTime onesies for men, women, and kids. There are a ton of different patterns to choose from. Take a look at them all now.

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A Scented Candle

Our list of must have necessities for a perfect movie night at home needs to include a candle. A candle will give you just enough light to be able to eat and drink without making a mess and it will help add a great ambiance to the viewing room. An added bonus that comes with most candles is a delicious smell. Our top pick for any movie night is this caramel popcorn candle that smells so good it should come with a warning. “Caution: Intense odor, may cause caramel cravings.”

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 A Super Soft Blanket

The last movie night essential needs to be a comfy blanket. Blankets are great to cuddle up in, keep warm in, and hide under if the movie gets too scary. If you have a favorite blanket at home already, you’re all set. If you’re looking to shop for a new one, check out this suggestion. Our blanket recommendation has to be this super soft fuzzy fur throw. Browse the different sizes and colors to find the best one for you. This blanket will be your best friend during every movie night. Guaranteed.

What are your favorite movie night items? Let us know below.

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