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5 Top Alien Movies Like Alien Covenant


Starring: Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, and Billy Crudup

Alien movies have been around for a long time. They really have a great way to make us wonder if extra terrestrials really exist, and if they do, we hope they’re not like the alien movies we have all seen. Since everyone loves a good alien movie, we’ve decided to make a list just for this special species. These are some of the best alien movies available, some are scary and some are funny.

Our list of top alien movies begins with Alien Covenant this is the new ufo movie. This is the most recent alien movie and is part of the popular Alien franchise. Alien Covenant is about a crew who are traveling to a desolate and far away planet. The planet is a sanctuary for more than the crew. This destination belongs to a dangerous predator. A race of disastrous aliens that don’t want to share their home. The crew must find a way to survive and escape their attack.

As you watch Alien Covenant you’ll feel a mixture of emotions. Curiosity, awe, dread, and fright. If you’re ready for the experience, check it out. If you love aliens and the questionable futures they could bring, enjoy our list of movies similar to Alien Covenant. Each one has a new type of alien with a great storyline. Enjoy! This isn’t the first Ridley Scott movie, the complete series of Alien horror movies can be found here:



Starring: Lizzy Caplan, Jessica Lucas, and T.J. Miller

The Cloverfield alien movie is a lot like the alien type movies on our list. Cloverfield is about a normal day that suddenly turns to destruction and fear. It starts off as a going away party with a bountiful celebration. Things take a turn for the worst when the light goes out and loud noises are heard outside. What the group sees when they go outside is horrifying. Luckily, Todd is there to record it all with his camera. If there wouldn’t have been a record, no one would have believed what happened. The most common The Cloverfield movie review says that this movie is an edge of your seat, first-person view of excellent entertainment. Click on the link above to watch it yourself.

The Cloverfield sequel can be found here. Called 10 Cloverfield Lane. This movie has 3 people, a bunker, and the apocalypse.

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Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, and Elpidia Carrillo

If you’re looking for an alien invaders movie, look no further than this addition to our list of movies like Alien Covenant. Predator has been a fan favorite since it’s release in 1987. This movie a team of commandos who find themselves deep in a Central American jungle. There’s something much more sinister than creepy crawlies, animals, and snakes living in this deep in the jungle. The group is about to discover their training might not have prepared them for this.

Find all the Predator movies here

And the Predator new movie will be released around the end of 2018 called The Predator.

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Independence Day


Starring: Will Smith, Bill Pullman, and Jeff Goldblum

Independence Day the movie must be added to our list of films like Alien Covenant. This movie is “pretty outstanding”. The story starts on July 2nd, just two days before the national celebration. Suddenly, all communication systems worldwide are shut off. A strange and menacing object is seen in the sky. The Army tries to make contact with no results. On July 3rd complete annihilation begins and July 4th is the day of reckoning. If the group of survivors can’t stop this alien attack, they won’t be celebrating anything anymore. Will Smith knocks this movie out of the park, all we can say is “wow”. You’ll react the same way.

There’s a new Independence Day movie is about another battle, 20 years later, in the same place. The people in the movie had 20 years to prepare, the catch is that the aliens did too. Independence Day: Resurgence is just as exciting as the first and one of the top sequels to Alien war movies on our list.

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Men In Black


Starring: Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith

Will Smith can make an alien movie come to life, he does it again with Men in Black. This is one of the top alien films for kids. You’re younger ones might be a little scared but anyone 10+ should love Men in Black. This movie is about the infamous “Men in Black”. The rumored people who hide the truth and erase people’s memory when it comes to anything alien related. Men in Black is one of the funniest old Martian movies like Alien Covenant. This flick will make you laugh and keep you glued to your seat. MIB is a great family movie choice for all ages.

There’s more to watch, the entire Men in Black movie collection trilogy can be found here.

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Starring: Seth Rogen, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost

Paul reunites the funny duo we found in Shaun of the Dead. This movie isn’t your typical addition to Hollywood alien movies list. It’s about to British comic book geeks who are on a road trip of a lifetime. They are slowly making their way to America’s UFO heartland, Roswell. On their trip, Graeme and Clive encounter a little gray alien called Paul. Paul was retained in Area 51 for over 60 years and has just escaped. He’s a crude badmouth with a talent for getting into trouble. As the friends try to understand more about Paul, the secret service is on their tale. Will they be able to save Paul or will he return to his cell? This movie is fun and exciting and Seth Rogen is a perfect choice for the laid back, obnoxious, Paul.

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