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6 Best Car Action Movies Like Baby Driver


Starring: Ansel Elgort, Jon Bernthal, Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx

Car action movies are always the best choice for exciting entertainment on screen. These fast driving movies include things like dangerous car chases, heists, and a lot of action packed shooting scenes that are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Baby Driver is the first flick on our list of best car movies, for good reason. This film had an impressive box office haul with many going back to see it on multiple occasions.

The Baby Driver movie follows a man named Baby. Baby is a music lover who is also hearing impaired. In the Baby Driver film, Baby is forced to work as a getaway driver for a cutthroat kingpin. If Baby wants to keep his loved ones safe and survive the coming maelstrom, he must use all his wits and skills. Because of Baby’s love for music, all the action scenes in this movie have been synchronized with Baby’s personal soundtrack.

The Baby Driver car movie is utter perfection if you love music and fast cars. There are songs from every decade and each one fits perfectly with the moment that it’s synchronized with. This movie is pure adrenaline mixed with a touch of funny. For more movie suggestions, similar to Baby Driver, browse our list of car action movies below, each one is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.



Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Felicity Jones, Anthony Hopkins

How far would you go for the one you love? This addition to our list of best car movies like Baby Driver tells us the story about a man named Casey who needs to find a way to pay for his girlfriend’s medical bills. In the Collide movie, Casey is about to embark on an unforgettable adventure across Europe as he faces a race against time to save the love of his life. Added to the equation are an eccentric gangster and an evil drug lord that make Casey’s attempt at saving his girlfriend even harder. Collide is one of the new action movies on our list of Baby Driver alternatives that’s well worth the watch.

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Starring: Tom Hardy, Olivia Colman, Ruth Wilson

Locke is one of the top additions to our car movies list. This action packed flick is about one man, like the Baby Driver movie, and his personal trials and tribulations. In the Locke movie, the main character, called Ivan Locke, must drive to London after leaving his job at a construction site at a critical moment. Ivan leaves his place of work because of the birth of a child that was created during a one night stand. Leaving his work, the birth of his child and the drive to London are three life changing factors in Ivan’s life and you’re about to witness them all. There’s no turning back and Ivan’s choices are the key to his future in this alternative to Baby Driver.

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The Transporter


Starring: Jason Statham, Qi Shu, Matt Schulze

Frank lives what seems to be a quiet life in this addition to our list of car racing movies like Baby Driver. But behind the curtains, Frank is a mercenary transporter who moves goods from one location to another. In his tricked out BMW, Frank carries out both mysterious and dangerous tasks, no questions asked. The only thing that stops him from crossing the line is his own set of rules that must never to be broken. Rule one: never change the deal. Rule two: no names. And rule three: never look in the package. Frank’s latest deal is about to challenge his self control as he tries to avoid breaking his own rules. The Transporteris a high energy ride that includes a load of fun that you must watch if you’re looking for movies similar to Baby Driver.

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Death Proof


Starring: Kurt Russell, Zoe Bell, Rosario Dawson

Death Proof is a Quentin Tarantino movie that must also be included on our list of fast driving movies like Baby Driver. This black car movie features all the characteristics found in a typical Tarantino movie, and more. Death Proof is about a group of girls and who meet a former Hollywood stuntman named Mike. Mike takes one of the girls for a ride in his death proof car. The results aren’t what the girls expected. Months later, Mike meets another group of girls that he wants to “take for a ride”. He’s in for the surprise of his life when he realizes that these girls are just as tough as he is. Death Proof is pure Tarantino ingenuity and if you loved movies like Reservoir Dogs, you’ll love Death Proof, guaranteed.

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Born 2 Race


Starring: Joseph Cross, John Pyper-Ferguson, Brando Eaton

Our list of fast car movies like Baby Driver must include Born 2 Race. The Born to Race film is about a rebellious young street racer called Danny Krueger. Danny is on the fast track to trouble. After an accident during a race, Danny is sent to a small town to live with his estranged father who used to be a NASCAR driver. A connection is made between father and son when Danny decides to enter the NHRA High School Drags in hopes of taking down the local hot shot. This small budget film is surprisingly good and if you know a lot about cars, you’ll be surprised by the details and thought put into this flick.If you liked Born 2 Race, don’t miss the second Born 2 Race that can be found here.

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Need For Speed


Starring: Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots

Need for Speed is one of the top movie recommendations similar to Baby Driver. This feature film is part love, part redemption, and part motor oil. The Need for Speed movie is about a man named Tobey Marshall who was framed for a murder he did not commit. After thinking about that one moment as he spends 2 years in jail, Tobey decides to get the recognition he deserves and to find a way to solve his problems at the same time. With his custom car building skills and his drive for revenge, Tobey builds a car that’s perfect to enter into a secret high stake race known as The DeLeon. Need for Speed is filled with crazy cop chases, drifting, explosions, and fast cars, exactly what you’ve been searching for if you’re looking to watch something similar to Baby Driver.

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