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6 Unusual Love Movies Like Beauty And The Beast


Starring: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, and Luke Evans

Disney’s animated classic is brought to life with this new adaptation of the Beauty and the Beast story. When a young prince is turned into a monster and imprisoned, the only way out of the spell is to find true love. This task won’t be easy with his beastly face.

Belle has a beautiful and loving heart. When she meets the beast she sees him for who he is on the inside. In an enchanted castle, an epic, musical, love story is about to begin. For more stories similar to Beauty and The Beast, check out this great list.

The original Disney animation can be found here, Beauty and the Beast.



Starring: Alex Pettyfer, Vanessa Hudgens, Dakota Johnson, and Mary-Kate Olsen

Kyle is narcissistic, arrogant, wealthy, and a bigot. He doesn’t respect his classmates at Buckeston Academy, especially not the girls. When Kyle goes too far and plays a prank on a girl called Kendra, she teaches him a lesson in her own way. Kendra is a witch, and she casts a spell on Kyle that makes him as hideous as his soul.

The only way to become normal again is to find true love with his new face. In this addition to Disney movies like Beauty and The Beast called Beastly. Rob, Kyle’s father, locks his son up to keep him hidden from society until a doctor can find a cure for his unique problem. Will Kyle be like this forever, or will he find his true love, despite his hideous face?

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Edward Scissorhands


Starring: Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, and Dianne West

A mad scientist has created his greatest invention, a man. Unfortunately, the scientist has died before he finished the man’s hands. In place of his hands are huge metal scissors. This man called Edward is now stuck in his father’s castle high up on a hill, the same as the other Beauty and the Beast movie alternatives.

Finally, a visitor comes to call, selling Avon products. Peggy is a homemaker from the town below. She befriends Edward and brings him to her suburban home down below. At first, Peggy’s family and her neighbors accept this strange being. Her daughter even has a develops feelings for him.

Unfortunately, as days go by, more and more events happen that make the villagers want to get rid of the abomination called Edward Scissorhands. This dark fairy tale is about a man who just wants to fit in and must belong with movies like Beauty and the Beast.

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Voices: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, and Cameron Diaz

Shrek is an ogre we can all fall in love with, he is rude, and crude, and absolutely adorable.

There entire Shrek movie collection can be found here

Shrek is the only animation on this list of movies like Beauty and the Beast, for good reasons, he is an ogre who falls in love with a beautiful princess. When Shrek comes home to his swamp one day and finds it is invaded by all sorts of fairytale creatures, he is outraged, he wants them all gone from his sanctuary.

With a talking donkey, Shrek heads to Lord Farquaad’s castle to persuade him to find a new place for these creatures so he can once again live peacefully in his swamp. A deal is made between Lord Farquaad and Shrek. To relieve the swamp of the creatures, he must rescue a princess from a tower that is guarded by a horrible fire-breathing dragon.

Shrek finds the princess, Fiona, and ” somewhat” rescues her. On their way back to Lord Farquaad’s, they get to know each other and the ogre starts to fall in love with this spunky princess. Little does he know, Fiona has a huge secret, and Shrek is about to find out what it is, in this fantastic animated tale.

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The Beautician And The Beast


Starring: Fran Drescher, Timothy Dalton, and Ian McNeice

One of the lesser known movies like Beauty and the Beast stars Fran Drescher, famous for her nasal voice and thick New York accent. An Eastern European dictator, Boris Pochenko, mistakes Joy Miller, a beautician for an academic teacher. Boris invites Joy to his country to tutor his four children.

Boris is the President of Slovetzia, he is pompous and authoritative. Joy brings her New York attitude and imposing ways to this poor country and tries to upgrade it to a westernized world, all while falling in love with this beast of a man. The Beautician And The Beast is an adorable romantic comedy and Fran Drescher truly shines, in this heartwarming story among films like Beauty and the Beast.

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Ella Enchanted


Starring: Anne Hathaway, Hugh Dancy, Lucy Punch, Minnie Driver, and Vivica A. Fox

These last two movie suggestions for Beauty and the Beast don’t have a beastly lover, but share a musical theme, just like the first movie on this list. This fairy tale, musical, film, is about Ella. When she was a baby she was given a ”gift”, from her godmother, Lucinda. Lucinda thought the perfect gift for a baby would be obedience.

Now, Ella has to do absolutely everything people tell her to do. There is no way around the issue. Ella is growing up, and this ”gift” (curse) is ruining her life. She wants it gone. So Ella packs her things and starts the long trek through a magical forest filled with elves, ogres, and fairies. In search of her fairy godmother Lucinda, the only one who can remove this horrible curse.

Ella Enchanted is a ton of magical and musical fun, and a wonderful addition to flicks like Beauty and the Beast.

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Starring: Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, and Susan Sarandon

The last story found among The Beauty and The Beast movie alternatives is crammed full of music and Disney fairy tale references. Giselle is a beautiful princess that has been banished from her animated wonderland to the real world of Manhattan. The evil Queen wants to keep Giselle’s prince for herself.

This confused princess soon learns that this strange new environment isn’t like her home, and doesn’t thrive on ”happily ever afters”. Luckily, Giselle is found by a father and his daughter and brought to safety to their home. While living with this new family, the princess falls in love with the new man in her life, but what about the prince she left behind?

Enchanted is a practically perfect, magical musical, that will satisfy any member of the family.

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