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6 Larger Than Life Movies Like The BFG


Starring: Mark Rylance, Ruby Barnhill, Penelope Wilton

The BFG film is simply delightful. Sophie is a mischievous and brave, 12-year-old orphan. One night, while looking out the window, she spots a 24-foot man. They make contact and soon become friends. This gentle giant has no name so Sophie calls him BFG, which stands for Big Friendly Giant.

BFG is a man of few words, when he does speak, he’s hard to understand. He says words like “tellytelly bunkum boxes” and “hippodumplings”. He also has expressive ears and lonely eyes. When BFG spots Sophie he grabs her and takes him to his home in Giant Country. He shows her his cave, his collections, and his job. BFG also shows Sophie the mean, and larger, giants, that bully him.

Sophie doesn’t care for the bullying and she wants the bad giants to stop. She decides to bring BFG to the queen for help. This encounter is not to be missed. The queen invites Sophie and BFG to eat before talking about a solution. This movie is charming and cute and a little scary, but not too much. Watch it with your entire family. For more movies like The BFG, browse our list below. Each one listed has a giant friend.

Pete’s Dragon


Starring: Bryce Dallas Howard, Oakes Fegley, Wes Bentley

This addition to our list of movie recommendations for Disney’s The BFG is called Pete’s Dragon. This dragon film is about the adventures of an orphan boy called Pete, his best friend Elliot, and the family that takes care of him. Pete was abandoned in the woods as a child, an accident took the life of his parents. For six years, Pete lived without any human contact. His only best friend is a giant dragon called Elliot. When a ranger spots Pete one day in the woods, she brings him home and introduces him to her family. The immersion into normal life isn’t easy for Pete and he misses his friend Elliot. Pete decides to return to his woodland home to find his friend but an evil man has spotted the gentle dragon and is out for the hunt. Pete has to convince his new family that Elliot is a nice giant before he’s captured and taken away forever. This movie similar to The BFG 2016 is very impressive and full of heart. You’ll fall in love with Elliot and want a dragon of your own once you’re done watching the Pete’s Dragon movie. We guarantee.

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Gulliver’s Travels


Starring: Jack Black, Jason Segel, Emily Blunt

The Gulliver’s Travels film must be added to our list of movies like Pete’s Dragon. This movie is about a man called Lemuel Gulliver who’s been working in a mail room for 10 years. Lemuel considers himself a loser, and everyone around him does too. After failing with the girl of his dreams, Lemuel decides to live an adventure, so he takes a job writing an article about the Bermuda Triangle. To write this article he must travel there. The trip turns into a disaster and Lemuel finds himself shipwrecked on a strange island. This island is full of tiny people. Lemuel is a giant in this world and people are finally starting to notice him. The Gulliver movie is a friendship and adventure movie just like the Roald Dahl BFG movie. Expect a ton of laughs, pop culture references, and an escape from reality with this family friendly flick.

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Monster Trucks


Starring: Lucas Till, Jane Levy, Rob Lowe

We must also include Monster Trucks on our list of movie suggestions similar to the Steven Speilberg new movie. Tripp is a frustrated teen who wants a car of his own. While working at a scrap yard one night, Tripp thinks he hears something strange, in this Trucks movie. What he discovers is impossible to imagine. A huge slug/octopus like creature is living in the scrap yard. This creature feeds on oil, so Tripp sets a trap. At the last second, Tripp realizes that the creature is friendly. Unfortunately, men come knocking at the scrap yard door in search of the creature. Tripp is now on a mission to save it, and hide it from the bad men. Things get even more complicated when a girl from school shows up at the scrap yard at exactly the wrong time. This larger than life movie is original and fresh, we haven’t seen this before. Watch Monster Trucks, you won’t be disappointed. For this reason, and more, we must add Monster Trucks to our list of movies like The BFG.

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Jack And The Giant Slayer


Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Eleanor Tomlinson, Stanley Tucci

This monstrous movie has more action and thrills than the other films like The BFG on our list. The Jack and the Giant Slayer movie is an adaptation of the Jack and the Beanstalk story. In this movie, we meet Jack. Jack has been sent to the market to sell his uncle’s horses so they can repair their roof. Unfortunately, Jack returns with a handful of beans instead of the materials his uncle asked for. His uncle tosses the beans out the window. Meanwhile, a runaway princess arrives in Jack’s village. The next day a huge beanstalk has grown and Jack’s home and the princess have been transported to a magical world full of man-eating giants. The princess has been kidnapped so Jack pairs up with the king’s guards to find her. Jack is about to live an adventure of a lifetime. Will he be able to rescue the princess before she is made lunch for a giant? Watch Jack the giant killer to find out.

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The Water Horse: The Legend Of The Deep


Starring: Emily Watson, Alex Etel, Ben Chaplin

Our list of oversized friends like the other movies like The BFG can’t be without The Water Horse: The Legend of the Deep. This water horse movie is about a boy called Angus who finds an interesting egg by the sea. Curious about what’s in the egg, Angus takes care of it and protects it with his life. What Angus didn’t expect, was the egg to hatch a mythical water creature. Angus and the animal soon become friends and as it grows so does Angus’s love for it. This water movie called The Legend of the Water Horse will have you cheering out loud. You’re in for an amazing ride that will leave you feeling satisfied when it’s over.

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Where The Wild Things Are


Starring: Lauren Ambrose, Max Records, Chris Cooper

The Wild Things film is based on the childhood book we all know and love. The Where the Wild Things Are movie is about a young boy named Max who has a very vivid imagination. Max is also a boy who throws tantrums if he doesn’t get what he wants. After his latest tantrum, Max decides to run away because his mother doesn’t want to pay attention to him. Max is wearing his favorite wolf costume and since he’s too young to physically run away, he decides to run away into his world of imagination. Max’s world consists of a vast ocean and an island of giant beasts. Each beast reflects a part of Max’s personality, like Carol who likes to throw tantrums too. Normally, these beasts eat small animals like Max, but since it’s his world he is declared king. The Wild Things movie is a brilliant story about friendship and understanding which makes it a must add addition to our list of movies like The BFG.

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