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5 Dystopian Movies Like Divergent


Starring: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, and Ashley Judd

This action packed movie is set in a futuristic dystopian world. Society is separated into five groups, each faction stands for a different virtue. When children become teenagers they must decide whether to stay in their original faction or choose another, forever. Tris Prior is unlike any typical teen, she makes a decision that surprises everyone.

Initiations into the new groups are very demanding. The teens must go through extreme physical and psychological tests that transform them into a much greater person. Tris has a secret. She doesn’t fit into any group because she is a Divergent. When Tris discovers a battle that is threatening to tear apart society, she must keep her secret to herself to save everyone she loves. If the secret gets out, it could destroy her. For more films about a dystopian world, check out these other Divergent movie alternatives.

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The Hunger Games


Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Stanley Tucci, and Elizabeth Banks

The world of Panem is divided into 12 districts in this addition to Divergent movie recommendations. A lottery is played each year that chooses 2 children from each district to compete in a televised broadcast called The Hunger Games. This is done as a retribution for past rebellions and for entertainment.

The Huger Games are simple, 24 children go in, 1 comes out. Primrose Everdeen is chosen for the games but her older sister Katniss Everdeen takes her place, a sacrifice that has never been seen since the beginning of The Hunger Games. Katniss must depend on her instincts in this game that puts her against highly trained teens that have been preparing for this event their whole life.

This is one of the best movies like the Divergent collection with its story about life, love, and sacrifice.

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The Maze Runner


Starring: Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario, and Aml Ameen

The Maze Runner is a trilogy. Part two is available here: Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, and Maze Runner: The Death Cure will be available in 2018 A teenage boy wakes up on an elevator with no memory of his past in this action-packed story in films similar to divergent.

There are no girls in this new place, and about 30 teenage boys. They all must survive in an area they call ”The Glades”. The boys must farm their own food and create their own rules. This environment is surrounded by a massive wall and an unforgiving maze. There is no way out of their new home. Once a month a new boy arrives.

The boys are starting to lose hope in this neverending cycle until one day a girl emerges from the elevator with a note saying she is the last one. Surviving is over, the teenagers must enter the maze to try and find a way out before they all die.

This flick is about survival, fighting for a better life and trying to figure out where they all come from.

The Maze Runner is a very exciting and suspenseful addition to films like Divergent.

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Ender’s Game


Starring: Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, and Abigail Breslin

This space addition to movies like Divergent is about a world that has been destroyed by an alien race called the Formics. 50 years after the destruction the remaining humans band together with superior technology to fight against the aliens. Ender Wiggin is a brilliant boy and may be the last hope in saving humanity. He is torn from his siblings to learn to fight in a training school that is orbiting Earth. Ender is a child that must overcome huge challenges to save the remaining population and what is left of Earth. Ender’s Game is a movie that will blow your mind with its magnificent scenery and will touch your heart with its amazing story.

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The Giver


Starring: Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgard, and Katie Holmes

The Giver is about a colorless society that is ruled by the Chief Elder in a world that has been annihilated by ” The Ruin ”. The people of this world use drugs to feel emotions and when teenagers graduate they are assigned a career that is chosen by the Elder. Jonas has two best friends, Fiona and Asher, and lives with his parents. Jonas has always felt different than everybody else.

When Jonas graduates he is placed in the hands of ”The Giver” to become a ”Receiver of Memories”. Jonas will learn about emotions and the concept of family through memories of the world before the Ruin. When Jonas finds out that his baby brother Gabriel will be killed, he does everything he can to stop the elimination, even going against the Chief Elder himself. The Giver is included in the list of Divergent movie suggestions because it’s about a child that, despite society rules, follows his own path to do what is right.

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How I Live Now


Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Tom Holland, and George MacKay

This story is set in the United Kingdom, in the near future. Daisy is an American teen that goes to the English countryside to live with her relatives. When she gets to her new home she is withdrawn and alien but the beautiful countryside and charming surroundings help her adapt.

Edmund befriends Daisy and they fall in love. Their perfect summer is cut short by a war in Europe and as the U.K. falls into a violent military state, Daisy must fight to survive and hide to stay alive. How I Live Now starts in a world of peace that makes you feel safe. The devastation that follows becomes a true nightmare, in this addition to movies like Divergent.

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