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5 Strange Town Movies Like Get Out


Starring: Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, and Bradley Whitford

This list of movies like Get Out is all about strange towns. Each one has a different story. There’s a mixed collection of funny and scary movies to watch. We hope you enjoy them all. The first movie on our list is one of the best new horror movies of 2017 called Get Out.

Rose and Chris are in love and it’s time to meet Rose’s parents. The problem is that Rose is white and Chris is black, not all parents are willing to accept their daughter dating a black man. This is starting to worry Chris but Rose assures him her parents aren’t like that and they will accept him. Rose’s parents are surprised but act normal. They also offer to help Chris stop smoking by hypnotizing him. Chris declines. There is something off by the way they are acting but nothing strange has happened so Chris brushes it off.

During the night something does happen. Chris finds himself unable to move and falling into a place called the ”sunken place”. The next day, Chris wants to smoke but feels disgusted by his cigarettes. Chris’s red flags are up and the voices in his head are telling him something’s wrong. What’s going on? he wonders. If you’re wondering too, click on the link above to watch this horror mystery. For more movies like Get Out that will make you feel like something is ”off”, browse this list of strange town films.

The Skeleton Key


Starring: Kate Hudson, Peter Sarsgaard, and Gena Rowlands

Caroline Ellis is a young woman looking for a job. She finds a caretaking job for an old man called Ben, deep in the Louisiana bayou. Her first encounter with Ben’s wife, Violet Devereaux, is strange but she makes nothing of it. The bayou and the shops filled with hoodoo paraphernalia and music are even stranger.

On the plantation where Caroline is working and living, there is a sinister secret. The Devereaux’s are hiding something. Caroline wonders if it has to do with hoodoo. Watch this movie that is similar to Get Out, called The Skeleton Key, to find out what is really going on deep in the bayou.

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The Stepford Wives


Starring: Nicole Kidman, Christopher Walken, Bette Midler, and Matthew Broderick

If you can enjoy an old movie, watch the original Stepford Wives first. This movie called The Stepford Wives is different but has the same theme, it can be found here: The Stepford Wives (1975) After Joanna Eberhart suffers from a nervous breakdown, her husband, Walter,  decides to move the family from Manhattan to a serene suburb in Connecticut called Stepford.

Something is disconcerting with the other wives in Stepford. They are all beautiful and perfect. Any task, any meal, there’s nothing these women can’t do. Joanna feels out of place, luckily she meets one other lady called Bobbie in Stepford who is like her. Normal. Joanna and Bobbie start looking into this mystery along with their gay friend, Roger. Will the trio figure out Stepford’s secret before it’s too late? Watch this funny and thrilling addition to movies like Get Out to know.

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Starring: Tobey Maguire, Jeff Daniels, Joan Allen and Reese Witherspoon

David likes to follow the rules and do good in school. Jennifer is David’s sister, she is strong spirited and a rule breaker. When David and Jennifer fight over a tv remote while watching a black and white sitcom called Pleasantville, they suddenly find themselves in Pleasantville. The brother and sister find themselves living in the 1950’s, and in black and white.

Despite both wanting to leave as soon as possible, David finds himself acclimating to his new surroundings, while Jennifer doesn’t fit in at all. How will they get themselves back to a colored life? Pleasantville must be added to strange town movies like Get Out because there is nothing stranger than a black and white life.

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The World’s End


Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Martin Freeman

”The World’s End” is an epic pub crawl in a town called Newton Haven. This legendary challenge involves drinking 60 pints in 12 pubs during a single night. Gary and his four friends, Andy, Steven, Oliver, and Peter tried ”The World’s End” in their 20’s but didn’t succeed. Now 20 years later, they are ready. With some hesitation, to give it a second go.

The World’s End is an epic pub crawl in a town called Newton Haven. This legendary challenge involves drinking 60 pints in 12 pubs during a single night. Gary and his four friends, Andy, Steven, Oliver, and Peter tried The World’s End in their 20’s but didn’t succeed. Now 20 years later, they are ready. With some hesitation, to give it a second go.

The town of Newton Haven has changed. The people have changed and there’s something not quite right in the air. The more the men advance on their quest, the more questions arise. What is going on in Newton Haven? Are the men just too drunk to see clearly? This is a thrilling comedy that you won’t want to end and must be among Get Out movie recommendations because this town is certainly unsettling.

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The Lottery


Starring: Dan Cortese, Keri Russell, and Veronica Cartwright

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On his deathbed, Jason’s father, asks his son to pour his ashes over Jason’s mother’s grave in a little town Jason lived in as a child. Jason agrees. A few days later, Jason returns to his hometown. The town is picturesque in The Lottery movie. The ambiance is comfortable, and the people are inviting.

When Jason finds his mother’s grave he notices something is wrong. Almost all the dates on the tombstones are the same, June 27th. Jason’s memories come flashing back like a kick in the stomach, he knows what is about to happen, June 27th is near. To find out what happens each year in this small perfect town, watch this bone-chilling addition to movies like Get Out.

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The Village


Starring: Sigourney Weaver, William Hurt, and Joaquin Phoenix

During a modern age, a small Pennsylvanian town still lives like its ancestors. Simply and off the land. Without any electricity or modern medicine. The village has a lot of rules. Do not go out after dark. Do not wear red. And do not go into the woods or the monsters living there will eat you.

Lucius Hunt is a curious young man who has heard about medicine and other people that can be found past the woods. Lucius is about to prove that rules are made to be broken but is the defiance of his Elder’s a good idea? The Village movie gives you an eerie feeling and the woods surrounding it are even more sinister. Get ready for a thrilling adventure in this last but certainly, not least, addition to movies like Get Out, to find out what happens when Lucius breaks the rules.

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