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5 Family Halloween Movies Like Hocus Pocus

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Starring: Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year. This is the one night that kids and adults can dress up and become someone else. Best of all, Halloween is a night for spooky stories, haunted houses, yummy treats, playing pranks, and watching horror films. A lot of people like the spooks that come with Halloween, but not everyone wants to be terrified. That’s why we’ve created a list of classic Halloween movies that can be enjoyed by everyone in your family. These movies to watch on Halloween might even strike a chord of nostalgia in your heart.

The Hocus Pocus movie is a fan favorite. This movie that focuses on the Sanderson sisters, a handful of kids, a talking, cat, a undead man and a magical book has caught everyone in its spell since its release in 1993. The Hocus Pocus witches are goofy, funny, and just scary enough to make this a Halloween classic. If this film is found among your Halloween movies to watch, we bet you know all the lyrics to “Come Little Children” and “I Put A Spell On You”.

The Hocus Pocus cast hit their mark in this witchy movie. Thora Birch is the adorable brat we’ve all grown to love, the Max and Allison romance is a great teen love story, and if you were a girl in the 90’s, Binx in human form was your first on screen crush. This movie will no doubt live on in our Halloween loving hearts forever. Watching a movie you already love is great, finding a new favorite is even better. For more magical moments and family friendly scares, check out our list of movies like Hocus Pocus below. Scary fun is guaranteed.


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Starring: Debbie Reynolds, Kimberly J. Brown, Judith Hoag

One of the best family Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus is Halloweentown. This movie stars a girl named Marnie, her brother Dylan, and sister Sophie. When grandma comes to visit and the trio learns that their descendants were all witches, the kids follow their grandma back to her home to learn more. What they discover isn’t at all what they thought. After a turbulent bus ride, the kids open their eyes to a magical place called Halloweentown. This movie is the story of their adventure.

For more Cromwell magic find the entire Halloweentown collection here:

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When Good Ghouls Go Bad

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Starring: Christopher Lloyd, Tom Amandes, Roy Billing

When Good Ghouls Go Bad is another one of the top Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus. This Halloween film takes place in the small town of Walker Falls and stars a creepy legend of a strange boy named Curtis who was killed in a mysterious accident. The legend was that if Walker Falls ever celebrated Halloween again, Curtis would come back from the dead to destroy them all. This legend frightened the townsfolk so Halloween was banned in Walker Falls, pumpkins included. Halloween was never mentioned again until a new family comes to town. Watch When Good Ghouls Go Bad to witness a chain of events that unless the power of the legend.

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The Scream Team

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Starring: Kat Dennings, Robert Bockstael, Mark Rendall

This movie called The Scream Team is about a town that loves to celebrate Halloween. In fact, Steeple Falls prepares weeks in advance. This addition to our list of best kids Halloween movies similar to Hocus Pocus is about a brother and a sister who discover ghosts in their grandpa’s house and a legend about a man who was burned at the stake called Zachariah Kull. Watch The Scream Team to learn how both stories line together. This kids Halloween film even has a little bit of Hocus Pocus magic, Kathy Najimy (Mary Sanderson) has a new sort of powers in this movie.

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Starring: Tia Mowry, Tamara Mowry, Patrick Fabian, Kristen Wilson

If you had a twin and magical powers but didn’t know it, would you freak out if you found out? The girls in this addition to our list of family friendly movies like Hocus Pocus handle it pretty well, after the initial shock of course. Twitches is about all the exciting, dangerous, and scary things that happen to the twins after this shocking discovery. If you want to watch a magical movie that’s part mystery, you’ll love Twitches. Don’t forget to watch Twitches 2 for more twin magic.

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The Little Vampire

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Starring: Jonathan Lipnicki, Richard E. Grant, Jim Carter

If you were a fan of Jerry Maguire, you might remember Jonathan Lipnicki, the cute little kid who knew how much a head weighed. This alternative to Hocus Pocus stars that cute little kid. The Little Vampire is about a little boy who just wanted a friend. The friend he finds isn’t what he expected. His new friend is a vampire. Despite their differences, the boy and the vampire become best friends. This story is about a dangerous threat to the vampires and a friendship between predator and prey. The Little Vampire is the cutest addition to our list of scary Halloween movies for the entire family.

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