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6 Funny Time Travel Movies Like Hot Tub Time Machine


Starring: John Cusack, Clark Duke, Craig Robinson, and Rob Corddry

Everyone loves the idea of time travel, being able to change something from the past to get new results in the future. The gang in Hot Tub Time Machine have found something glorious, a hot tub that lets them travel through time. Adam, Nick, Jacob, and Lou are going through rough times in their lives so they’ve decided to go to an old winter party place that they used to love in the 80’s. The resort isn’t what they remember, it has become a dump, but the men won’t let that keep them from partying.

While in their room, a strange light attracts their attention. It’s an illustrious hot tub and it’s calling their name. Adam, Nick, Jacob, and Lou jump right in and start to create a night that they’ll never forget. Somehow, the men find themselves in the past, on a night that changed each of their lives forever. It’s 1986 again and the winter resort is booming. Hot girls and drunk guys are everywhere. The men realize that this is their chance to reinvent themselves, if they succeed, their future won’t be miserable like it is now. With a new goal in mind, the gang sets out to right the wrongs of their past to change the future, nothing can go wrong with that, right?

Hot Tub Time Machine is one of the top time travel movies of all time. It’s a hilarious, exciting, and raunchy comedy that will please anyone who wants to watch a no-brainer movie. For more movies based on time travel, browse our great list. Each time travel is based on something different and each one is excellent. Enjoy!

After you watch the original time machine movie, watch Hot Tub Time Machine 2. This story continues where the other one ended.

Back To The Future


Starring: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Lea Thompson

Back to the Future is one of the best movies about time travel. This movie is about Marty McFly. Marty is a typical, girl and music loving teen, living in the 80’s. His best friend is a mad scientist called Doc Brown. Doc invents a lot of strange and cool stuff, his latest invention is a car that can travel through time. Doc Brown thinks he’s invented a time-travelling DeLorean and he wants Marty to test it out while he records the data. Somehow, the car works. Marty is sent 30 years into the past.

The town has changed and his parents are teens. When he meets a cute girl he accidentally changes his own future. It’s his own mother in the past and because he changed the past, Marty’s dad didn’t get to meet his mom. Marty has to change the past before he’s never born and find a way home before time runs out. He’s in for quite an adventure. Back to the Future is one of the top travel movies ever, if you’ve never seen it watch it. If you have, watch it again, it’s that good. It must be included on our list of movies like Hot Tub Time Machine.

Find all the Back to the Future movies here

You’ve got to watch the entire Back to the Future trilogy, every movie is awesome!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel


Starring: Chris O’Dowd, Marc Wootton, Dean Lennox Kelly, and Anna Faris

If you want to experience a thrilling ride with three social outcasts, watch FAQ About Time Travel. This British movie starts with three men in a bar, they meet a questionable woman called Cassie. Cassie says she repairs time leaks. At, first they don’t beleive her but when strange things start to happen they realize she’s the real deal. The men must quickly learn the rules of time travel.

Two of these rules are: Don’t sleep with anyone, she could be your mother or grandmother in the future. Don’t kill anyone because that will wipe out an entire timeline. Each time they travel through time, the boys encounter something stranger. You’ll adore this comedic farce on time travel so much, you’ll want to watch it again and again. It’s a perfect blend of Dr.Who and Shaun of the Dead. Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel is an epic addition to our list of movies like Hot Tub Time Machine.

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Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure


Starring: Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, and George Carlin

Bill and Ted are two brain dead dudes who love using words like “excellent”, “bogus”, and “party on”. They must pass history, or else. Luckily, they come across a magical phone booth that can travel through time, all they have to do is dial the right number, in this old time travel movie. Bill and Ted have some amazing adventures and meet all sorts of famous people, including, Napoleon, Sigmund Freud, Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, and Genghis Khan.

Some of these popular figures come back to the 20th century with the Bill and Ted to help them with their report, while others create chaos in their new environment. Will Bill and Ted pass their report? Will they be able to send everyone back to their rightful place in time? Watch this “excellent” addition to our movies about time travel called Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure to find out.

The time warp movie continues with Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey and a third Bill and Ted adventure is in the making but information is sparse.

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Black Knight


Starring: Martin Lawrence, Marsha Thomason, Tom Wilkinson, and Daryl Mitchell

On our time travel movie list, we must include Black Knight. This back in time film is about a man named Jamal Walker. His life is bland and boring and he works at a medieval theme park. One day after he receives a blow to the head and falls into the moat, he wakes up and finds himself in 14th Century England. He thinks it’s a big prank, this can’t be true. As he travels to find civilization he starts to realize something is very wrong, he must really be back in the past.

Jamal presents himself to the locals as “Skywalker” and teaches them things like golf, football, boxing, and new dance moves. He even teaches a woman about “french-kissing”. Jamal wants to go home but he also wants to help the beautiful Victoria with her rebellion against the evil Sir Percival. Will Skywalker make the right choice or flee back to his time before the fight? Our list of comedy movies involving time travel must include Black Knight. This movie is a funny, creative, and an inspiring parody on Medieval life.

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Safety Not Guaranteed


Starring: Kristen Bell, Aubrey Plaza, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Jake Johnson

When a strange ad appears in the paper, a Seattle-based magazine can’t help themselves to find out more. Darius is in charge of putting together a team of interns who will help him learn more about the story, in this addition to films like Hot Tub Time Machine. The journalists take a road trip to a small coastal town to find the author of the personal ad. The trio each has their own agenda when they arrive at their destination.

Luckily Darius is working on her task. She has found the man in question and becomes quick friends. She starts to spend a lot of time with him and realizes they have a lot in common. Now Darius is starting to question the ad, can this man really travel back in time or is he just utterly crazy? Only time will tell in this super sweet, character-driven movie about time. If you want to watch something a little different, give Safety Not Guaranteed a try.

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Starring: Jason Dolley, Luke Benward, Nicolas Braun, and Chelsea Kane

Minutemen is a great kids time travel movie you can watch with the entire family. This movie is about three misfits who discover a device that lets them travel through time, 10 minutes at a time. This is just enough time to make things better after humiliating moments in school and life in general. Virgil, Charlie, and Zeke start off as strangers but soon become the best of friends in this addition to films about traveling through time. Everything starts off fine, the trio gets a second chance at moments they’d rather forget.

Unfortunately, each time they use the device they cause a tear in space and it’s getting bigger and bigger. Will the boys be able to repair the tear before their entire town is sucked into a black hole? Watch Disney’s Minutemen to find out. This is one of the best time travel films similar to Hot Tub Time Machine that can be watched with children and adults alike.

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