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6 Jungle Movies Like King Kong


Starring: Naomi Watts, Jack Black, Colin Hanks, and Adrien Brody

A lot of jungle movies have been made featuring ”King Kong”. Here is the most recent Kong movie: Kong: Skull Island (2017) Carl Denham just found the most amazing location for his movie. Skull Island. If only he can find the perfect leading lady. Ann Darrow is the woman for the job. She is beautiful, talented, and looking for work.

The jungles of Skull Island are mysterious and foreboding. Soon, the cast and crew for Carl’s new movie will find out that they are trespassing on a monsters lawn. Hidden among the trees is a giant gorilla who has been watching the crew, a has fallen in love with the beautiful Ann. The jungle adventure is about to begin. Despite, fighting for their lives, Carl forces the filming to continue.

For more movies like King Kong that are set in thick and dangerous jungles, machete your way through the list below.

The Ruins


Starring: Shawn Ashmore, Jena Malone, and Jonathan Tucker

When a group of American friends decides to take a leisurely holiday in Mexico, they never expected to come across this ancient set of ruins deep in the Mayan jungle. Jeff, Amy, Eric, and Stacy are enjoying their vacation when they meet a German tourist named Mathias and his friend Dimitri. Mathias is looking for his brother who disappeared during an archaeological dig in the jungle. The group of Americans joins the Germans in the search.

The Mayans they run into are threatening and scary. The group has to run for cover on top of an ancient ruin that has an old camping site atop it. The Mayans won’t come near The Ruins. Something is wrong. What could be worst than them? Watch this unpleasant addition to movies like King Kong to find out!

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The Green Inferno


Starring: Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, and Aaron Burns

Justine is a college student living in New York. She joins a team of activists that want to save the rainforest. Justine and the group travel to Peru with plans to save the jungle from a timber industry, in this horrifying jungle movie similar to King Kong. Every goes pretty well during the protest but it’s the flight back when things start to go wrong. The plane carrying the activists and other tourists crashes in the middle of the remote Peru jungle.

The survivors are scared and panicked. To add to the misery, a tribe of cannibal’s have started abducting them. Now, the mission to save the rainforest doesn’t seem as important, Justine is on a personal mission to save herself and whoever else she can in this movie called The Green Inferno.

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The Rundown


Starring: Dwayne ”The Rock” Johnson and Seann William Scott

Beck is an aspiring chef and a pretty tough guy. When he gets himself into too much debt, he agrees to settle the score with a job as a head hunter. After a few small jobs, a mobster wants Beck to find his son, Travis, in the Amazon, to completely clear the debt.

It doesn’t take long for Beck to find Travis, the arrogant and slippery mobster’s son. This guy isn’t who Beck expected, together they pursue the REAL bad guy. The jungle adventure in this film, found among movies like King Kong, is about to prove just how dangerous a jungle can be, including the fruit. The Rundown is a fun filled adventure through the jungle full of excitement. You’ll love it.

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Starring: Jon Voight, Jennifer Lopez, and Eric Stoltz

Films like King Kong must include this giant slithery beast, the gigantic anaconda. National Geographic has sent a film crew to find a tribe deep in the Amazon. The team meets a strange snake hunter called Paul Serone. Paul tells the group that he knows how to find the tribe they are looking for in this movie called Anaconda.

What starts as a normal boat ride on the Amazon river, soon becomes a life or death adventure, in this addition to jungle films like King Kong. It doesn’t take long for the crew to feel uncomfortable around Paul. Paul is determined to find and capture the giant anaconda that rules the Amazon and he’s willing to do whatever’s necessary to get it.

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Starring: Gerardo Taracena, Raoul Max Trujillo, and Dalia Hernandez

Something is changing in the Mayan jungle. The kingdom is dying in the Apocalypto movie. The rulers of the kingdom think the key to reclaiming the abundance they once had, is to offer human sacrifices and build more temples for the gods. Jaguar Paw is a young man with a family. To save his pregnant wife and son from the uproar and battles, Jaguar Paw hides them in a deep hole. In this addition to movies like King Kong, find out what happens to Jaguar Paw after he is captured and prepared to be sacrificed.

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Starring: Michael Vartan, Radha Mitchell, and Sam Worthington

Rogue is a movie about a group of tourists taking a river boat cruise over the waters of Kakadu, National Park, Australia. Kate, the tour guide, is explaining about the crocodiles and their habitat. The day is uneventful, there aren’t many crocodiles around so Kate decides to drive the boat into an unexplored location on the river.

Something is wrong. The boat is getting attacked. Kate and the tourists have to flee the boat. They are now stranded on a muddy island. The people on the island are figuring out that this is the absolute worst place to be, it’s the lair of a massive crocodile and he’ll be coming home soon. Be sure to watch this horror addition to movies like King Kong, Rogue is one of the best crocodile movies ever made!

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