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6 Pregnancy Movies Like Mamaboy


Starring: Sean O’Donnell, Alexandria DeBerry, and Gary Busey

Sometimes when life takes a sudden turn, people come up with some pretty strange and awesome solutions. This is one of the funniest teen comedy movies to test out a new angle on the traditions of life.

Mamaboy is about a pregnant boy. When Kelly Hankins is faced with a dilemma, he thinks outside the box. He decides to “carry” the baby he put in his girlfriend. This is going to be a challenge, especially when he tries to keep his experiment from his friends, family, and school.

You’ll love the humor, emotions, and cheesiness of the Mamaboy movie, and will even be shocked a few times. This pregnancy movie really delivers. You shouldn’t miss out on this unique gem. For more movies like Mamaboy about pregnancies, enjoy our great list. Each one has a new twist on babymaking.



Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito

Junior is a great addition to our list of films like Mamaboy. This is also a pregnant man movie. Dr. Alex Hesse is a scientist who has discovered how to implant a baby into a man. He decides to test his theory on himself. His partner Dr. Larry Arbogast is along for the ride of a lifetime. Together the men study all the symptoms Dr. Hesse is having. A macho man dealing with the “ultimate” female experience is a story that is bound to make you laugh and feel all fuzzy inside. Don’t expect a profound film, Junior is good clean fun mixed with two men who have no idea how the woman’s body actually works.

*** If you loved the chemistry between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, you’ll also love Twins. In this hilarious movie, they play twin brothers who are just a little different from each other.

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Knocked Up


Starring: Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl, Leslie Mann, and Paul Rudd

Knocked Up is a hilarious adventure about what happens when you have a one night stand with a stranger and get pregnant. Alison Scott is a career woman who knows what she wants out of life, and for the moment, a baby isn’t on the list. Ben Stone is a man-child, stoner, and a procrastinator. When a night of awkward sex turns into an unplanned pregnancy, both must step up and learn to adjust to each other, grow up, and let loose before the baby arrives. With the pair of misfits be able to work together or are Alison and Ben doomed from the start? Knocked Up is one of the best movies like Mamaboy on our list. It’s fun, exciting, and vulgar. If you like movies like American Pie, you’ll love this “pregnant by a boy man” movie

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Sugar And Spice


Starring: Marla Sokoloff, Marley Shelton, Melissa George, and Mena Suvari

Sugar & Spice is a cute movie about cheerleaders, friendship, a crime, and a teen pregnancy. This is one of the most unique high school movies about teen pregnancies. When the head cheerleader, Diane, falls in love with the star of the football team, Jack, they feel like their living in a dream. Life is perfect. Suddenly things take a turn for the worst when Diane becomes pregnant in high school. Their respective parents kick both teens out of the house. It’s time to live on their own. Jack and Diane have no idea on how to be adults but they must learn fast, she is growing more each day. Money is the hardest challenge as an adult. Diane is starting to panic. Luckily her squad is there to help her out. The girls devise a plan to rob a small bank to get just enough money so Jack and Diane can make it through. The rest of the story starts here. To watch it, click on the link above. You really shouldn’t miss out on this addition to our list of movies like Mamaboy, it’s one of the best!

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Baby Mama


Starring: Amy Poehler and Tina Fey

Kate is a 37-year-old single woman who just wants a baby. She tries as hard as she can to find a man but has no success. After realizing how much money it will take to “try” for a baby on her own, Kate decides to hire a surrogate. The woman she finds is a lot different than she’s used to. Angie is very outgoing, crass, and strange. Kate isn’t sure what she’s gotten into since Angie has decided to move in during the pregnancy. Baby Mama is hilarious from start to finish. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey prove, once again, just how talented they are when it comes to comedy. Follow the link above to see the Baby Mama trailer, you’ll soon understand why we think it’s so fantastic.

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Labor Pains


Starring: Lindsay Lohan, Luke Kirby, and Bridgit Mendler

Another movie similar to Mamaboy that sticks to the pregnancy theme is Labor Pains. This movie is about a young woman named Thea who is down on her luck. Things aren’t going very well in her life. When her boss threatens to fire her, she can’t take it anymore. Thea immediately declares that she’s pregnant to save her job. Her boss cannot fire her if she’s pregnant. Now Thea has 9 months to trick her way out of a long con that involves a growing belly and pregnancy symptoms. There’s just one problem, Thea is faking it just to save her job. See how she manages to pull it off when you watch this charming movie called Labor Pains.

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Baby On Board


Starring: Heather Graham, Jerry O’Connell, and John Corbett

Angela has it all. She’s beautiful, successful, powerful, and the men want her. Just as her career is about to peak again, Angela discovers she’s pregnant. This turns her life upside down and an added complication with her husband, Curtis, just adds to the problem. This story revolves around Angela, her husband, and their friends as they encounter numerous problems and downfalls during Angela’s 9-month pregnancy. Baby on Board is a great addition to our list of movies like Mamaboy, it’s very enjoyable and teaches us a lesson in the end. Enjoy!

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