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6 Parental Movies Like Meet The Parents


Starring: Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, and Teri Polo

Parents can be loving, overbearing, strange, and embarrassing. The parents found in these movies like Meet the Parents are all that and more. Greg Focker is about to meet his girlfriend, Pam’s parents in Miami so he can ask for their permission to marry their daughter. Pam knows her parents are different, especially her father, Jack, who’s an ex-C.I.A. agent, he’s never really accepted the men in her life.

Jack uses all his skills to make Greg feel very uncomfortable and when Jack’s prized Himalayan cat goes missing, Greg must do whatever he can to get it back before Pam’s father blames him for that too. Meet the Parents is one of the funniest movies about parents ever made. You must watch this flick if you’ve never seen it.

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Monster In Law


Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Michael Vartan, and Jane Fonda

Have you ever had an inlaw that is just too much to handle? The mother in this movie, similar to Meet the Parents, is the worst of them all. Viola Fields loves her son Kevin. Sometimes a little too much. When he meets a beautiful, smart, and talented woman called Charlie and gets engaged, Viola isn’t impressed. She will do anything it takes to get this woman out of her son’s life. The only women he needs is his mother in this movie called Monster in Law.

Charlie has a strong character and loves Kevin. She is willing to fight to keep her man. This movie is a battle between mother and daughter in law. Both are ready to do what it takes to keep Kevin on their side. Who will win? Watch this delightful addition to films like Meet the Parents to find out.

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House Arrest


Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Pollak, and Kyle Howard

Parents can ground kids as much as they want, they decide the rules. When a group of kids decides to reunite their parents for different reasons, by locking them in the basement, they take control and do the grounding. The only way out is to prove they’ve changed, it could be a long wait.

House Arrest is a wonderfully fun family flick about parents being grounded by their own kids. The familiar faces in this amazing cast make this addition to movies like Meet the Parents even better!

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Four Christmases


Starring: Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon

All that Brad and Kate want to do during the holidays is escape their crazy families to a tropical island. When a fluke causes them to appear on national television, the cat is out of the bag. Now they have no choice to attend Christmas with all 4 parents, each living in a different home. One after the other, Kate and Brad, travel from parent to parent. The day turns out much more eventfully than planned and what they learn about each other threatens their relationship. Four Christmases is a pleasantly cute addition to Meet the Parents movie recommendations that can be watched all year long.

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Cheaper By The Dozen


Starring: Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt, Hilary Duff, and Tom Welling

Tom and Kate Baker got more than they bargained for with their family of 12 kids. Each has their own personality, favorite hobbies, and temper. When Tom gets a coaching job he can’t refuse and his wife Kate finally gets her book published, the married couple must figure out how to handle their family and new careers in the Cheaper by the Dozen movie.

Kate must leave town to promote her book while Tom gets the pleasure of staying home with his ”Baker’s dozen”. Will one man be able to conquer his 12 kids? Watch this family-friendly comedy among movies like Meet the Parents to see how hard it is to raise 12 children when mom is out of town.

More Baker madness can be found in Cheaper by the Dozen 2.

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Mama’s Boy


Starring: Diane Keaton, Jon Heder, and Jeff Daniels

Mama’s Boy must be added to Meet the Parents movie suggestions. Jan Mannus and her son are quite a pair. Jeffrey is 21 years old, a slacker, and still, lives off his mother. When Jan meets a man who falls deeply in love with her, Jeffrey starts to feel threatened. He knows his life is about to chance, for the worst. Now Jeffrey has two choices. Learn to live with this new man and continue splurging off his mother or become a man and fend for himself.

Mama’s Boy is a funny mix of drama and comedy that reminds you of the time you finally decided to become your own person away from your parents.

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Father Of The Bride


Starring: Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, and Martin Short

If you loved the other movies like Meet the Parents, you’ll adore George Banks as he huffs and puffs at his daughter’s engagement in Father of the Bride. George still sees Annie as his little girl. To him, she’s too young to get married and start a family. He’s not ready to let go. The wedding preparations are one crazy event after another and George is smack dab in the middle of each hilarious moment. George’s nervousness and clumsiness aren’t over, watch the embarrassments all over again with Father of the Bride 2.

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