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5 True Love Movies Like The Notebook


Starring: Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, James Garner, and Gena Rowlands

The Notebook movie is a story of true undying love. An old man is reading aloud to a sick and invalid woman that he visits on a regular basis. An old man is reading aloud to a sick and invalid woman that he visits on a regular basis. His stories are brought to life from the old and faded notebook. The stories are centered on a couple that has been divided by World War II. 7 years later, fate has brought them back together in this passionate love story.

The old woman starts to remember her life with these romantic and heartfelt stories giving her a last chance to be connected to the love of her life. The Notebook is a masterpiece, with an amazing story and magnificent actors. It has received many awards and has been considered one of the best love stories of all time. For more heartwarming stories, check out these other movie recommendations for romances like The Notebook.

Dear John


Starring: Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried

John is U.S. Army Special operations soldier, he is on special leave to help his grieving father. Being the chivalrous man that he is, he socializes with a beautiful girl named Savannah. The magnetism between the two is uncanny, and they fall deeply in love in one of the best movies like The Notebook. Due to the 9/11 crisis, John is called back to serve his country. John knows he must re-enlist.

Sadly, the time and distance have drawn Savannah to another man. ”Dear John…” she writes. These are the first two words that tear John apart. These words will change his life forever. When John eventually comes home he finds out that his true love is now married. He must come to terms with these new facts and make the hardest decision of his life. Dear John is a film about soul mates and must be added to the list of The Notebook movie alternatives.

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Safe Haven


Starring: Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel

Katie is fleeing from her past. She ends up hiding in a small town in North Carolina for a new start. Despite her secretive nature and troubled soul, Katie befriends a widowed store owner with two small children and a candid neighbor. In one of the most thrilling films like The Notebook, Katie starts to fall in love and put down roots but her troubled past isn’t forgotten and is coming back to haunt her. Katie must choose between the Safe Haven she has created and the turmoils of her past.

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The Lake House


Starring: Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves

Alex Wyler is a depressed doctor that once lived in a unique lakeside house. Kate Forster is an unhappy architect that has also lived in this same home. The former residents start exchanging love letters in The Lake House.

There is a paradox with this house and they try to figure it out before time runs out. The connection between two people can sometimes be so strong that it can stir all logical forces of nature. Time and space can even be broken to connect hearts in this logic defying and passionate love story in movies like The Notebook.

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The Last Song


Starring: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Ronnie and Jonah’s parents are now divorced. They are sent to live with their father in his small beachside town. Ronnie is furious, she resents her father for the divorce and has sworn she will never talk to him again.

She meets a handsome boy and begins to fall in love with him. He ignites a passion that she has forgotten, a passion for music. This fondness helps Ronnie reconnect with her father, who is also a musician. The Last Song is a story about true love between two souls and the unconditional love between father and daughter.

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A Walk To Remember


Starring: Mandy Moore and Shane West

When a prank goes horribly wrong, Landon Carter must do community service to repent his wrong. Part of his services includes acting in the school play with the reverend’s daughter, Jamie Sullivan. They begin to spend a lot of time together despite their differences, in one of the most memorable films like The Notebook.

They discover a deep connection that they would have never known if the horrible prank hadn’t happened. Landon and Jamie fall in love, but a devastating secret threatens to pull them apart before they even get a chance to love each other. A Walk to Remember is a heartbreaking story about love just like the other movies like The Notebook.

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