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6 Illusion Movies Like Now You See Me


Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson, and Isla Fisher

Daniel, Merritt, Henley, and Jack have all been invited to join a secret magician’s organization called the Four Horsemen. The group uses their illusionist powers to put on one of the grandest shows of all time. All the while working on a huge bank robbing heist.

The F.B.I. and Interpol is hot on their trails. Will the magicians be able to finish their biggest trick before they are put into a pair of handcuffs they can’t escape? Watch this amazing film about misdirection and follow it with these other illusion movies like Now You See Me.

The magic continue with Now You See Me 2.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone


Starring: Steve Carell, Luke Vanek, Jim Carrey, and Steve Buscemi

Burt Wonderstone’s ego is just a big as the millions he has raked up with his magician shows in Las Vegas, joined by his partner Anton Marvelton. What the crowd doesn’t see is the tension between the two friends. A tension that is threatening to tear the duo apart.

Meanwhile, a guerrilla street magician called Steve Gray is gaining more followers and is taking over the Vegas Strip. Anton must find a way to bring Burt back to reality and rediscover his love for magic before Steve Gray takes complete control of their illusionist kingdom. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is a hilarious awe-inspiring story that must be added to Now You See Me movie suggestions.

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The Great Buck Howard


Starring: Colin Hanks, John Malkovich, and Tom Hanks

Troy wants something new in his life so he drops out of law school and finds a job as a personal assistant. Troy doesn’t know this at first but his new job is to work for a has-been magician called Buck Howard who is struggling to find new gigs.

Buck soon finds out that Troy might be just what he needed to become the master of illusion he once was. Watch as the two men journey across the country and revive the magic scene. The Great Buck Howard is another great addition to movies like Now You See Me.

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Death Defying Acts


Starring: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Guy Pearce, and Timothy Spall

This movie similar to Now You See Me is about Harry Houdini a long time ago in 1926. Houdini can escape an challenge that is thrust upon him, except for one, being able to escape his personal hell of dealing with his mother’s passing.

This time Houdini is the one who gives a challenge to the world. He will offer $10,000 to anyone who can contact his deceased mother and find out what her dying words were, only Harry knows these words.

Mary is a con-artist who wants the bounty. She is beautiful and deceptive and begins a long con on the Master of Illusion’s himself, Harry Houdini. Get ready to enter a world of swindles and magic as Harry falls for a woman who can fool his untrickable eye in the Death Defying Acts movie.

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The Prestige


Starring: Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, and Scarlett Johansson

Robert, his wife Julia, and their best friend Alfred are the perfect magician’s assistants. When Julia perishes after a performance gone wrong, Robert blames his friend Alfred. This causes a rift between the remaining assistants.

Years later, the men become famous magicians. Their new passion is sabotaging each other on their way to success. Both are stuck in an evil loop of unveiling each other’s tricks in this fantastic addition to movies like Now You See Me called The Prestige.

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The Illusionist


Starring: Edward Norton, Jessica Biel, and Paul Giamatti

Past lovers, Eduard and Sophie, who have changed their names reunite on stage during an illusionist act in Vienna during the late nineteenth century. Due to their social differences, they couldn’t be together in the past but even now, 15 years later, they recognize each other and the forgotten feelings rise to the surface.

Sophie is about to be wed to an evil man but when her eyes fall upon Eduard she knows she is making a huge mistake. Now the reunited lovers must come up with a plan to finally be together, no matter how dangerous it could be. The illusions in this movie are mesmerizing, The Illusionist must be added to our list of movies like Now You See Me.

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An Honest Liar


Starring: James Randi and numerous guest stars

James Randi is a renowned magician, escape artist, and illusionist. In this documentary, Randi investigates the questionable works of faith healers, psychics, and con-artists. At the age of 81, Randi decides to reveal secrets that he held dear for many years. But a shocking discovery about Randi himself causes us to wonder is he telling us the truth or are we being deceived again? This is a real person telling us about the secrets behind the illusions. An Honest Liar is a documentary that should by watched by anyone who enjoyed the other films like Now You See Me.

Guest Stars: Penn and Teller (Professional Magicians), Alice Cooper (Rock Star), Adam Savage (Mythbusters), Bill Nye (The Science Guy) and many more.

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