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5 Creepy College Movies like Sorority Row

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Starring: Teri Andrzejewski, Adam Berry, Megan Wolfley, Rumer Willis

Ah, college… that magical period of late adolescence where things can get nostalgic, light-hearted, memorable, or, if you happen to fall in with an evil sorority… downright disturbing! Let’s take a look at some deliciously creepy movies from this popular horror movie sub-genre.

Some of the best college movies are that unique blend of mean girls meets creepy. Sorority Row definitely fits that formula. This movie is a guilty pleasure for those who love a good slasher flick. This Sorority Row movie is also a remake of the original which can be found here.

The Sorority Row plot is simple, a prank gone wrong causes someone to die in the group. The girls then try to cover up the death while a serial killer is hunting them. Watch the sorority girls run for their lives and flash a ton of skin in this movie about a group of college students. Our list of movies like Sorority Row is comprised of movie suggestions that showcase the specifically dark humanity of teenagers, and the deliciously wicked nature of some college students. This movie is also a remake, the original Sorority Row can be found here.

The Roommate

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Starring: Minka Kelly, Cam Gigandet, Leighton Meester

This is one of our top scary movie suggestions about college life. Sara, a fashion design student, moves into her new dorm and meets her new roommate, Rebecca. Weird things start to happen to Sara and to the people she’s closest to in The Roommate movie. Something is ‘off’ about Rebecca, and Sara has to discover what’s wrong with her new wannabe bestie before anyone else around her gets hurt. This college film is a dark look into obsession and psychosis and definitely belongs on our list of movies like Sorority Row, it is also very similar to the cult classic Single White Female.

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The Initiation Of Sarah

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Starring: Mika Boorem, Summer Glau, Joanna Garcia

The next addition to our list of movie recommendations for Sorority Row, is called The Initiation of Sarah. In this remake of a 1978 movie, which can be found here, Sarah and her twin sister Lindsey get thrown into a conflict between two rival sororities. This selection from our list of best college movies has a fantasy element, as Sarah happens to have magic powers, and the sororities are more than simply rivals; they are pawns in a larger battle of good versus evil.

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Urban Legend

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Starring: Alicia Witt, Jared Leto, Michael Rosenbaum

One of the top scary movies on our list of movies like Sorority Row is 1998’s Urban Legend. This creepy movie has a fun cast, and plays upon the urban legends you’ve heard since you were a child. A seemingly perfect student with a horrible incident in her past takes a folklore class that delves into some of the campus’ own dark history. Before she knows it, Natalie is deeply enmeshed in her own real-life horror story. If you liked Urban Legend, you might also like the sequel called Urban Legends: Final Cut.

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It Follows

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Starring: Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Daniel Zovatto

This is the ultimate ‘unprotected sex’ cautionary tale. Jay sleeps with Hugh, who gives her more than just a night to remember; he passes a curse onto her where she is doomed to be stalked and killed by a supernatural predator. Creepiness ensues as her friends try to save her from this terrible fate. It Follows is one of the best scary movies on our list.

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The Skulls

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Starring: Joshua Jackson, Paul Walker, Hill Harper

This film has a lot in common with Sorority Row. Luke falls in with a secret society of elite students that promises to open doors for him. However, everything has a price, and as Luke discovers exactly what’s involved in belonging to The Skulls, he has to decide if he can stand up to them and find the courage to bring them down. This is a classic on our list of movies like Sorority Row. Watch more secret society mysteries with The Skulls 2 and The Skulls 3.

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