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6 Space Movies Like Star Wars


Starring: Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, and Alan Tudyk

The most recent addition to the Star Wars franchise is:

This list is about the Rogue One movie. The Galactic Empire is under attack. The evil Darth Vader is trying to rule the galaxy. He has taken Princess Leia hostage to prove his point. Two men, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, must work together to stop the rebellion before a very large price is paid. The men are joined by droids called R2-D2 and C-3PO, both try their best to help Luke and Han in their journey to take back the galaxy, save the princess and restore peace and justice to the Galactic Empire.

During this legendary adventure, the group meets strange allies and new friends who also lend a hand in this epic story set in space. If you need more excellent adventures, check out these great space movies like Star Wars.

Star Trek Beyond


Starring: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, and Zoe Saldana

On the outskirt of Federation space, there lies a remote outpost called Starbase Yorktown. The U.S.S. Enterprise just left this rest area. Something devastating happens, they are attacked by an alien spaceship. The crew is now in unfamiliar territory, with no means of escape. The only thing they can do is fight to stay alive.

Luckily, a rogue alien comes to the rescue. Will that be enough to keep these menacing aliens from attacking the whole galaxy? Wath this exciting addition to movies like Star Wars called Star Trek Beyond to find out.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy


Starring: Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Dave Bautista, and Zoe Saldana

More movies like Guardians of the Galaxy can be found here.

This movie is one of the funniest and most action-packed movies, similar to Star Wars. Guardians of the Galaxy is about a group of misfit criminals, each to their own degree, who all have their own reasons to work together to save the galaxy.

Peter Quill, a human, has found a mysterious mystical orb. Ronan the Accuser is the greatest villain of them all, and he wants Peter’s orb. Ronan’s minions will do anything to get it. The group must use their individual strengths, together, to keep the orb out of Ronan’s wicked hands.

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Starring: Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, and Chiwetel Ejiofor

Serenity is the continuation to the Firefly series. Firefly ended too soon and broke too many hearts that it needed an ending, Serenity is the end of the story.

Serenity is a spaceship. In it is a motley crew that consists of six rogues, and a passenger that has a secret that could cause a lot of damage. The group onboard Serenity are being chased by an assassin and have suspicions of a traitor among them on the ship. The rest is something you must watch. This space cowboy film among movies like Star Wars will become a new favorite once it’s over.

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The Fifth Element


Starring: Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, and Gary Oldman

This movie is about a galaxy cab driver called Leo and his new friend Leeloo who must quickly use everything they’ve got to defeat an evil force from annihilating the world. Quirky creatures and aliens are found along the way and some even help Leo and Leeloo on their quest. The Fifth Element must be added to movie recommendations for Star Wars because it is beautifully made, has top notch music, and just makes you smile. Enjoy!

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Galaxy Quest


Starring: Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman

Galaxy Quest is about a television show within the movie. The cast of the show consists of a Commander, a sexy communications agent, a Shakespeare trained, alien Dr., an engineer, and a gunner. This series was a hit. Even now, 18 years since it last aired, people are still aching to meet the stars. Sadly, the stars have died out. They cannot find any work, they are all in a state of despair.

Jason, who played the Commander, is living a happy life. His past co-workers aren’t happy about Jason’s superior attitude, and Jason soon discovers this. Now the fighting and wild fits are about to begin! Watch Galaxy Quest, this addition to movies like Star Wars is funny and awkward, which makes it a perfect blend of space and comedy.

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Space Balls


Starring: Rick Moranis, John Candy, and Bill Pullman

Space Balls must be added to Star Wars movie suggestions. This flick is HILARIOUS!!! Space Balls is a spoof on Star Wars. The cast clicks magnificently, the gags are slapstick puns at their best. The story is one you’ll want to watch again and again. Rick Moranis, John Candy, and Bill Pullman make this movie, produced by Mel Brooks an absolute Hall of Famer.

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