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6 Great Villain Movies Like Suicide Squad


Starring: Will Smith, Jared Leto, and Margot Robbie

The new Squad movie is about a band of villains who join together to fight a greater evil. These are not your typical bad guys, they’re all a little crazy. This makes the story even more maniacal. Some of the most infamous villains such as Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and The Joker must find a way to work together to defeat their target.

Will this team of miscreants, hired by a government agency, be able to work together to stop the apocalypse? Or will they end up destroying each other before they finish their mission? Watch this action packed movie to find out! For more films about villains, you’ll love to hate, browse this great list of movies like Suicide Squad.

V For Vendetta


Starring: Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving

This movie similar to Suicide Squad is set in a futuristic Great Britain. The country is being ruled by a fascist government. Evey Hammond is a woman who’s life has changed because of this new faction. When a horrible event happens that puts Evey on the brink of death, she is saved by a man who wears a Guy Fawkes mask. This man calls himself “V”. When she starts to learn V’s story, Evey realizes that she must join forces with him to bring the evil government down. If they succeed, Great Britain might have a chance to become what it once was in the V is for Vendetta movie.

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Starring: Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci

This story like the Suicide Squad movie is based on true events. Monster tells us about Aileen Wuornos troubles as she became a serial killer with her lackey Selby. In 1989 Aileen made her money as a prostitute. Before this, Aileen tried to get a normal job, but with her looks and lower education, she couldn’t find anyone who would hire her.

This led her to prostitution. She used her “talents” to distract men as she robbed them. One night, things don’t go as planned and Aileen ends up murdering the man she is with. Most people would be horrified, but Aileen is excited. This is just the beginning of her murder spree, she has taken a liking to being the one in control. Watch how her life turns from bad to worst in this addition to villain films like Suicide Squad.

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Pulp Fiction


Starring: John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, and Uma Thurman

Pulp Fiction is one of the best Quentin Tarantino movies ever made. This one has enough villains to make the Suicide Squad proud. This story is about two hit men who have to retrieve a suitcase for their boss, a ruthless mobster. Meanwhile, the men also have to take out their bosses wife, Mia, when he goes out of town. This movie is straight from Tarantino’s vivid imagination. These villains get themselves into some dangerous and crazy situations. There is also a lot of blood and swearing. Enjoy Pulp Fiction in all its glory!

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American Psycho


Starring: Christian Bale, Justin Theroux, and Chloe Sevigny

This addition to movies like Suicide Squad is about a man called Patrick Bateman. Patrick is 27 years old. He is handsome and successful and living the dream all Americans hope for. During the day, Patrick works on Wall Street. He knows how to make a lot of money, he is very good at his job.

During the night, he plays. Patrick has a dark side. When he’s n0t living off the rush of Wall Street, he’s scouring the streets for his next victim. Patrick knows how to work hard, and play hard, he’s very good in both his trades. Watch this funny horror flick called American Psycho that shows us just how evil and cruel a man can be when he lets his inhibitions take over.

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The Silence Of The Lambs


Starring: Jodie Foster, Lawrence A. Bonney, and Anthony Hopkins

Clarice is in training for the F.B.I., she is charged with interviewing an imprisoned man called Dr. Hannibal Lecter. The Dr. is a despicable murderer and cannibal but also one of the most brilliant psychologists in the world. Clarice is terrified of Dr. Lecter but she has to use all her courage to interview him. Women are being kidnapped and killed and this man might be the only one who can help her with the case. The Silence of The Lambs is a movie about a psycho, just like the ones found in the Suicide Squad movie.

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The Expendables


Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, and Jet Li

The Expendables is the last flick on the list of great villain movies like Suicide Squad. This film is about a group of mercenaries who have been hired to eliminate a rogue C.I.A. agent and a Latin dictator. Among the team, we find a knife enthusiast, a martial arts expert, a heavy weapons specialist, a demolitionist, and a loose-canon sniper. The group call “The Expendables” are about to face some tough choices that will blend the line between good and evil.

The action and bloodshed aren’t over, The Expendables are back for more with:

The Expendables 2 and The Expendables 3

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