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5 Touching Movies Like The Fault In Our Stars


Starring: Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, and Nat Wolff

The Fault in our Stars movie 2014 is about Augustus and Hazel who are two teens that have a sharp wit, a dislike for traditions, and a great passion for love. Hazel already has a lifelong companion, an oxygen tank, but Augustus becomes the third wheel in this unconventional relationship. Both teens are going through very hard times, Hazel has cancer, and Augustus has a prosthetic leg.

Through a cancer support group, both teens learn to love and enjoy the moments they have together. The Fault in our Stars is a brilliant and touching flick about pushing through despite hard times. For more emotional movies that center around death, browse these great The Fault in our Stars movie alternatives.


Little Miss Sunshine


Starring: Steve Carell, Tony Collette, Alan Arkin, and Greg Kinnear

Little Miss Sunshine is set in Albuquerque, it is about a suicidal man called Frank who is brought to live with his sister, Sheryl, and her dysfunctional and emotionally empty family, like TFIOS movie. Frank is an expert in all things Proust, and a homosexual. His suicide attempt was because of a devastating breakup and a competition between a fellow Proust enthusiast. Sheryl’s husband is trying as hard as he can to sell his self-help and life improving techniques. Ironically, he is a complete loser with no success of his own. Her son Dwayne is committed to a vow of silence because he is an avid Nietzsche follower. Sheryl’s father is a heroin addict.

Luckily, the youngest of the family, Olive, has a chance at success. She is about to enter a beauty pageant in Redondo Beach, California. The wacky family of misfits climb into an old Volkswagon Type 2 and travel the many miles to their destination in hopes of finally getting some recognition with young Olive. Little Miss Sunshine has an excellent cast and tells a marvelous story about a family working together to get over the speedbumps of life, this movie is a great addition to our list of The Fault in our Stars movie recommendations.

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Manchester By The Sea


Starring: Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, and Kyle Chandler

Lee’s brother, Joe, just passed away. According to Joe’s will, Lee is now a parent to his son Patrick. Patrick is waiting in Manchester-by-the-sea, for the now, jobless, Lee. His hometown is filled with memories of the past that Lee would rather forget, in this touching film found among movies like The Fault in our Stars called Manchester by the Sea. Joe was the one who was keeping everyone from falling apart, now Patrick and Lee must work together to keep their lives on track, like The Fault in our Stars movie characters.

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Starring: Mahershala Ali, Alex Hibbert, and Duan Sanderson

Moonlight tells us the tale of a young black man, from childhood to adulthood, as he grows up in a crude Miami neighborhood. This film similar to The Fault in Our Stars goes through three time periods. Chiron is gay and an African American. He lives with his mother Paula, who is addicted to crack. Due to his neglection by his mother, Chiron is shy and withdrawn. Consequently, this causes Chiron to be bullied in his rough neighborhood.

With his Cuban-American friend, Kevin, and the neighborhood drug dealer, Juan, Chiron is guided through life and given sanctuary from the insults and violence of the Miami streets. Will Chiron’s childhood predetermine his path in life? Or will he overcome these hardships and become a bigger man with magnified aspirations? Moonlight is an excellent flick about overcoming life’s hardships, an amazing film to watch in movies like The Fault in our Stars.

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My Sister’s Keeper


Starring: Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin, and Alec Baldwin

11 year old Anna Fitzgerald is looking for a lawyer who can help get her medically emancipated. Her mother is forcing her to donate a kidney to her older sister who has leukemia. As she explains her story to Campbell Alexander, the lawyer, Anna talks about how her mother has been preparing her with multiple medical procedures since she was 5 years old to be able to help her sister.

Campbell accepts Anna’s case and they go to court to for Anna’s mother to stop her mother’s obsession with the donation. My Sister’s Keeper is heartbreaking and touching and isn’t for the faint of heart, but must be watched along with the other movies like The Fault in Our Stars.

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Running With Scissors


Starring: Joseph Cross, Annette Bening, and Brian Cox

Augusten Burroughs will be 14 this year, in this addition to The Fault in Our Stars movie recommendations. His family is out of the ordinary. His mother thinks she is a fine poet. His mother thinks she is on the verge of fame with her poetry and going through a divorce but a mental illness is the root of it all. Augusten doesn’t like school and avoids it at all cost, he practices cosmetology and keeps a journal. His mother thinks that something is wrong with him so she sends him to a psychiatrist.

When his mother’s illness worsens, Augusten finds himself an older women to love him. Trying to replace the love he never received from his mother. He also finds friendship with his psychiatrist’s daughter. Will Augusten make it to 15 or will the hardships be too much? Find out by watching this subjective movie like The Fault in Our Stars called Running With Scissors.

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