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5 Controversial Movies Like Thirteen


Starring: Evan Rachel Wood, Holly Hunter, and Nikki Reed

Being a teenager is hard. Peer pressure and wanting to fit it causes teens to do things they shouldn’t, these movies like Thirteen prove this point. Tracy is a naive and studious student. Despite being the good girl she is, she smokes and sometimes cuts school to soothe the pain of her troubled home.

When Tracy meets Evie, a popular party girl. Things change for the worst. The girls start doing drugs, partying, having sex, and even stealing from stores. Sweet Tracy is becoming more and more like Evie, which causes her life to spiral out of control. If you loved Thirteen and want to watch more controversial films similar to Thirteen, browse our great list.



Starring: Anne Hathaway, Bijou Phillips, and Shiri Appleby

Two innocent suburban teenagers are also the main characters in this Thirteen movie alternative. Allison and Emily get themselves mixed up with the rough hip-hop crowd of East L.A., curious to see what the ”gangsta” life is all about.

When they meet Hector, a dangerous Mexican drug dealer, and a gang-banger, Allison and Emily are about to experience something they never expected. It may be too late for these girls to return to the safety of the suburbs.

Watch this provocative addition to movies like Thirteen, called Havoc, to find out.

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Spring Breakers


Starring: Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine, and James Franco

Spring Break is supposed to be about fun and sun and a great way to spend time with your friends. Brit, Cotty, Faith, and Candy want to experience this adventure. The problem is that they need money to fund their trip. When the girls meet a questionable rapper called ”Alien” they indulge in his temptations of drug and alcohol and agree to rob a restaurant to get enough money for spring break.

These girls try to act like adults by drinking and using drugs but when they get caught after the robbery and are released from jail by a drug and arms dealer, their spring break turns into a nightmare. This story found on our list of movies like Thirteen, called Spring Breakers, is all about temptations and giving into them, no matter what the consequences.

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California Scheming


Starring: Gia Mantegna, Devon Werkheiser, and Spencer Daniels

Chloe is beautiful and sweet. She looks like a normal teen. When Chloe finds a distressed seagull on the beach and asks two boys to help, they run to the rescue. Unbeknownst to them, this is the beginning of a greater manipulation. These boys have fallen for Chloe, and she gets them to do whatever she wants them to do.

When one of the boys starts having suspicions about Chloe’s actions and decides to walk away and meet another girl. Chloe isn’t happy with this, so she amps up the seduction. There are no limits to what Chloe will do to gain power over these boys in this manipulative addition to movies like Thirteen called California Scheming.

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Teenage Cocktail


Starring: Nichole Bloom and Fabianne Therese

Annie is a quiet girl starting in a new school When she sees Jules dancing alone she is immediately attracted to this beautiful girl. When Jules approaches Annie they start talking and soon become best friends. During their friendship, Annie finds out that Jules makes money by posing in her underwear on the internet. Jules invites Annie to join it, convincing Annie that two girls will bring in even more, money.

They plan on escaping their family problems with the money they earn. When they take this ”job” one step further, they get themselves into a violent situation that could end their lives. Teenage Cocktail must be added to Thirteen movie recommendations.

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Normal Adolescent Behavior


Starring: Amber Tamblyn, Kelli Garner, Ashton Holmes, and Daryl Sabara

Wendy and her friends are a close group of friends. They don’t fit in with anyone else at school and don’t want to.This group of six are in a poly-fidelitous relationship. They aren’t interested in dating people outside the group and are happy with this arrangement.

But when Wendy meets Sean her fidelity is questioned. The group isn’t happy with Wendy’s choice and the fact that she outed the groups secret to the whole school. Now Wendy is must face the consequences of her actions, all while trying to keep Sean on her side. Normal Adolescent Behavior is one of the best, and most messed up movies like Thirteen.

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