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5 Corruption Movies Like The Wolf Of Wall Street

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Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, and Matthew McConaughey

The Wolf of Wall Street full movie is based on true facts about the life of a stockbroker called Jordan Belfort who lives in New York. In the late 80’s we watch as Jordan goes from penny stocks to I.P.O.’s in a story that starts with righteousness and finishes with greed. In his early twenties, Jordon is prosperous and successful. He is the founder of Stratton Oakmont, a brokerage firm. Jordan is so triumphant that he is deemed “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

Drugs. Women. Power. Money.

Everything is available to Jordan and he isn’t worried about the authorities. Consequently, Jordan and his wolves can never get enough from temptations. This epic story will leave you wanting more so we have prepared The Wolf of Wall Street movie recommendations just for you.

Casino Jack

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Starring: Kevin Spacey and Ruth Marshall

One of the best movies like The Wolf of Wall Street is also based on a true story. Casino Jack is about an influential lobbyist called Jack Abramoff. Jack gets himself tangled up in a world of mafia killers, assassinations, and a head spinning scandal that is so big, and so important that it has crossed the globe. This life story that is similar to The Wolf of Wall Street will teach you a thing or two about politics.

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War Dogs

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Starring: Jonah Hill, Miles Teller, Steve Lantz

This film is also based on a true story like the Wolf movie. Everything starts in Miami, two best friends in their early twenties decide to exploit the Iraq War. A secret government agency is taking bids on U.S. military contracts. The friends start with small bids but soon they are making big money and living like kings. The boy’s luck soon comes to an end when they land a 300 million dollar deal with the wrong people. A very shady group that does not belong to the U.S. government. War Dogs is a rag to riches story just like The Wolf of Wall Street film.

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Other People’s Money

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Starring: Danny DeVito, Gregory Peck, and Penelope Ann Miller

Lawrence Garfield is a corporate leader who wants to take down a Mom and Pop company in this power crazed story. The Mom and Pop company gets help from a lawyer who is the patriarch’s daughter. She must try to protect and save the company. Lawrence becomes bewitched by her presence and loves the back and forth legal negotiations as he tries to make her fall in love with him. Other People’s Money is a film about power and attraction, just like the other stockbroker movies.

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Boiler Room

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Starring: Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel, Nia Long, and Jamie Kennedy

The list of movies like The Wolf of Wall Street must include Boiler Room. Seth is a college dropout who wants to prove his worth to his father. He finds a job at a modest stock brokerage firm and gets very wealthy very fast. When Seth learns that the company is scamming people he must choose between his wealth and his morals. Seth is sinking in corruption in this suspenseful addition to flicks like The Wolf of Wall Street, will he make it out before it’s too late?

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American Gangster

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Starring: Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, and Josh Brolin

American Gangster is another memoir in alternatives to The Wolf of Wall Street. Due to the death of his boss and mentor, Frank Lucas, takes over as the most important heroin distributor in Harlem, Manhattan. Frank is a genius. He has come up with a sure way to smuggle the drug straight from the source, from South East Asia to the United States. Because of this trick he can sell more of the famous drug for a lower price. Since Franck is allied with the New York mafia, his dominance is safe. Meanwhile, an honest and dedicated officer by the name of Richie Roberts starts to group together a narcotics task force allied with the F.B.I. in hopes of getting to the bottom of the heroin importation. This flick found among The Wolf of Wall Street movie recommendations is also based on a true story.

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