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6 Top Sci Fi Movies Like Young Ones


Starring: Michael Shannon, Nicholas Hoult, Elle Fanning

Even during end times, human nature is apt to rear its ugly head. The best part of doomsday films is that the conflict often emerges more from the way people behave than from the end of the world itself. Horror, action, and drama work together in this fun list of top sci fi movies like Young Ones.

This genre mash-up is part science fiction, part western, and part Greek tragedy. The Young Ones film tells the story of a post-apocalyptic United States, where water is a priceless and rare commodity. Ernest Holm and his children Jerome and Mary struggle to get by on their small property with nothing but a robotic water carrier and deep-set wells to aid in their strife.

Mary’s duplicitous boyfriend Flem has his sights set on the Holms’ water carrier, and tensions between him and Ernest culminate in tragedy and the birth of a dark secret. Young Ones tops our list of best apocalypse movies because it is about family, technology, and the universal truth of how evil rarely stays buried for long. It runs deeper than water, and flows just below the surface. For more end of world flicks like the Youngs Ones movie, browse our list below.



Starring: Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell

The first on our list of movies like Young Ones is Snowpiercer. One of the most unique and best apocalyptic movies on our list, Snowpiercer takes the audience into a world where an experiment to stop global warming has gone horribly wrong, and the world froze to death. The only survivors exist upon a perpetually moving climate-controlled train, where a class system has emerged. The last survivors of a dead Earth prove to be just as wrapped up in government and economy as their dead and frozen counterparts. This is a unique view into the tenuous relationship between the structure of society, the greed inherent in human nature, and the fragile ecosystem that keeps them going. Snowpiercer is strange and weird and well-worth a watch if you love films like Young Ones.

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The Colony


Starring: Laurence Fishburne, Bill Paxton, Kevin Zegers

The next of our movie recommendations is The Colony. Like the Snowpiercer movie, this top pick from our selection of doomsday films deals with another ice age. People have divided into underground colonies, where they attempt to survive until the world begins to heal itself. They face flu epidemics, cannibals, and fighting amongst themselves as they struggle to hold onto a scrap of what society used to be. If you love post apocalyptic movies, you’ll definitely get a kick out of this one.

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Starring: Kevin Costner, Chaim Girafi, Rick Aviles, Tina Majorino

This is one of those old sci fi movies that stand the test of time. The ‘smokers,’ villains of a post-apocalyptic world where dry land is a myth, attack a village where the mysterious Mariner has been sentenced to death because of his mutant gills. A woman and her daughter bribe the Mariner to take them to ‘Dryland,’ and epic adventures ensue. While this star-studded film failed to impress at the box office, its special effects are striking and it has universal appeal. Watch Waterworld and decide for yourself, like a fine wine, this movie has gotten better with age.

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Z For Zachariah


Starring: Margot Robbie, Chris Pine, Chiwetel Ejiofor

The next of our movie suggestions is Z for Zachariah. Ann Burden and John Loomis meet and come together in the wake of a nuclear disaster, to live a simple life on Ann’s farmstead. Once religious zealot Caleb joins them, a complex love triangle begins to form. Trust is tested and the relationship between the three survivors is pushed to its limits as they struggle to live and work together. Ultimately, this is a story of desire and jealousy mixed with the sense of isolation and loneliness. Z for Zachariah will have you thinking long after the movie is over.

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The Book of Eli


Starring: Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis

The next on our list of movies like Young Ones is The Book of Eli. In this Syfy movie, a drifter traveling across the country lives off the land, steadily moving westward, carrying a small book. Eli, played by the amazing Denzel Washington, impresses Carnegie, the crooked mayor of a makeshift town. He becomes enmeshed in the town’s drama, but continues to hold fast to his mission to bring the book he holds (the bible) west, where he believes a voice has told him to go. This last day on Earth film is powerful, poignant, and surprising and one of the top additions to our list.

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The Day After Tommorrow


Starring: Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal, Emmy Rossum

Paleoclimatologist, Jack Hall, is far away in Antarctica when he discovers that a weather-related event has triggered the beginning of a new ice age. His son Sam is trapped in New York, and if Jack can’t get to him in time, Sam will perish with all of the other victims who can’t get south to warmer weather before their world freezes over. Hall braves temperature and adversity in his quest to save his child. This apocalypse action adventure movie called The Day After Tomorrow makes a great Sunday afternoon flick.

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