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6 Wild Animal Movies Like Zootopia


Voices: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, and Idris Elba

Wild animals are always cool, especially in this list of movies like Zootopia. This animation is about an entire metropolis filled with animals who live like humans. When a rabbit called Judy Hopps finally becomes a member of the police force, she learns that it’s a lot rougher than she thought. This just lights a fire inside Judy which makes her want to prove her worth.

The case she takes on is mysterious and is going to be a huge challenge because of her new partner called Nick Wilde, a wily fox. This family-friendly cartoon is simply the best, for more awesome animations like Disney’s Zootopia about wild animals, check out our roaring list.



Voices: Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, and Seth MacFarlane

Sing is also a world inhabited by animals living like people. Buster Moon is a spiffy koala who lives in a run down theater. Buster is motivated and positive, he knows that someday the theater will shine again. Now, Buster has one last chance to revive the deprecated auditorium. He is about to host one last singing competition that could make our break his prized home. Sing is a fabulous musical adventure that has to be added to movies like Zootropolis. Just be warned, you’ll be singing the songs long after the film is done.

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The Lion King


Voices: Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons, and James Earl Jones

The Lion King is a masterpiece. This story is about how a family can be cruel when jealousy is involved, it really teaches us a lesson. After a horrible accident causes Simba to escape the Savannah and enter the outside world he meets two very memorable characters, Timon and Pumbaa. The trio spend their days living life on the easy side, their philosophy is “Hakuna Matata”, which means, no worries.

When Simba gets older he knows it’s time to head back to his origins and make things right. He is the rightful King of the Savannah and it’s time to regain his place. It won’t be easy but with Timon and Pumbaa and the animals from his childhood, he has a lot of help to become the King again. This is one of the best additions to films like Zootopia, it will make you laugh and cry and shout “hooray!”. You’ll want to watch this cartoon over and over again, trust us.

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Voices: Chris Rock, Ben Stiller, and David Schwimmer


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This movie found among Zootopia alternatives is also about animals living in New York’s Central Park Zoo. A lion, zebra, hippo and giraffe are best friends and giant stars. After one of their friends goes missing, the remaining wild animals team up to escape the bars of their homes to find their lost friend.

One thing leads to another and the animals find themselves on a boat to Africa. For animals who’ve been raised in a Zoo, this is going to be a mighty adventure. Will they be able to adapt to the environment they were made for? This animation is zany and goofy and will make every member of your family laugh as they watch Madagascar. Enjoy!

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Voices: Jake T. Austin, Adrian Rhodes, and Sam Riegel


Zebras live in packs and live happily with each other but when a zebra is born called Khumba, without the usual stripes, he is outcasted and ridiculed. In this addition to movies about wild animals, Khumba is accused of causing the drought because he is different. This causes Khumba to run from his family and learn to live the hard way, all alone.

Now he’s living a dangerous life, he must avoid the ferocious Leopard called Phango at all costs, beyond the zebra territory hunting is allowed. Luckily, Khumba meets other misfits and together they try to make things right and bring back water to the wild animals living in the Savannah.

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The Wild


Voices: Kiefer Sutherland, Jim Belushi, and Eddie Izzard


Since The Wild is about wild animals living in the New York Zoo, this flick must be added to movies similar to Zootopia. Ryan is a lion who was born in the zoo, he’s never been anywhere else. He wants to discover his origins, where his dad said he was from, Africa. Ryan is a lion who was born in the zoo, he’s never been anywhere else. He wants to go to Africa, where his dad once lived.

Luckily, his friends are up for an adventure so the gang of animals plots a course to get to Africa. The journey isn’t easy and they encounter some surprising people and events, but they push through to reach their destination. The Wild is a brilliant animation and will be enjoyed but kids and adults. Get ready for a great escape and make sure to find more sites like Netflix too!

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Spy In The Wild


Starring: cute robotic animals and their real life counterparts


This last addition to movies like Zootopia is a documentary. Robotic animals are created and placed among their real life counterparts. What you’re about to see is how animals really react amongst themselves when no humans are around. Let yourself be indulged in this marvelous movie called Spy in the Wild that gives you a brand new perspective on how animals really live in the wild. The scenes are delightful and the animals are gorgeous and entertaining, this is a top recommendation for flicks like Zootopia.

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