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4 Mysterious Shows Like Lost

Starring: Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway and Matthew Fox and Emilie de Ravin

Lost was a unique show, it was a riddle wrapped in an enigma, twisted into a conundrum.

The beginning of the story starts with the plane crash of Oceanic Flight 815. The plane is torn in two and lands on different parts of a deserted island. The survivors have to work together to survive. They are threatened by a mysterious black smoke and the island’s malevolent inhabitants known as ”The Others”.

The survivors try to leave this island in many ways, all the while discovering why they are there and that mysterious forces have set this plan in motion years before. Connections to each survivor have been revealed through multiple storylines, and the cryptic numbers, 4-8-15-16-23-42 have been embedded into each of their lives.

Lost is a show you must pay close attention to, not to miss a thing, if you’ve enjoyed this and are in need for more secrets take a look at these other mysterious shows like Lost.


Starring: Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv and John Noble

Price: $24.99

Fringe is a very mysterious addition to Lost show recommendations.

This show is about the case works of The Fringe division of the F.B.I., this government division is charged with investigating strange cases related to fringe science, corpses melting to goo and a man collapsing causing his veins to spew blood and infect everyone around him are just two examples of what awaits you.

Join Agent Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, and his father Walter Bishop, the genius and crazy mad scientist as they study the weird and bizarre, and fight numerous criminals.

(Fringe and Lost are both created by J.J. Abrams.)

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Starring: Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour

The big question in this story is ”Who killed the Colorado Kid??”, based on the novel by Stephen King.

This mysterious addition to shows like Lost starts off with Audrey Parker, Special F.B.I. Agent, getting dispatched to the town of Haven, Maine. She soon realizes there is more to the town than meets the eye.

Some residents of Haven have been plagued with supernatural destructive afflictions called ”The Troubles”. Audrey discovers she has the power to help these people so she decides to stay and help the community living in Haven.

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Starring: Joyce Giraud, Johnny Wactor and Ester Anderson

Price: $20.19
Was: $24.98

Siberia only lasted one season but was worth the watch if you enjoy mystery, suspense, and scary thrills.

In 1908 a settlement of 14 people in Siberia suddenly went missing. 100 years later a (fake) reality tv show decides to send 16 contestants to the settlement to discover what happened for a 500,00$ prize.

They must survive the Siberian winter. The only way to leave is to forfeit their chance of winning. One contestant has a mysterious death and other strange and scary things start to happen, including no way to contact the show’s crew. They soon realize that the events that are happening are exactly what happened to the settlement in 1908.

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The River

Starring: Bruce Greenwood, Joe Anderson, and Leslie Hope

Emmet Cole was a world-renowned wildlife expert and tv personality. On one of his trips, he suddenly goes missing deep in the Amazon. His son Lincoln, and wife Tess gather a crew to penetrate the uncharted rivers and jungles of the Amazon in search of their father and husband. Millions of people who grew up watching him on tv are waiting to know what happened to him on The River. Will Emmet Cole be found? Will they figure out why he disappeared? Watch this thrilling addition to shows like Lost to find out!!

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