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8 Best Prison Shows Like Orange Is The New Black

Starring: Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon

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The Orange is the New Black tv show is loosely based on the real Piper Kerman. Piper and her fiance live a comfortable life in New York. She is accused of drug smuggling because of an ex-girlfriend and is sentenced to 15 months in Litchfield Prison.

She starts life in prison by being good and not disturbing the other inmates, who eventually come to her. She has to learn to follow the crowd and get tough. Unusual alliances are formed and Piper has to make some tough choices. On top of all that, the prison gets a new resident, her ex-girlfriend Alex Vause.

Don’t miss OITNB. Action, drama, laughs and sexy scenes await!


Starring: Steven Lilien, Elizabeth Sarnoff, and Bryan Wynbrandt

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Everyone knows the story of Alcatraz, well this one is a little different. One day in 1963, all the inmates and guards disappeared from Alcatraz so the government says they must close the prison due to unsafe conditions. Years later ( present day )  they are starting to reappear and a secret agency is tasked to catch all the missing prisoners. Unaware and unchanged the prisoners continue their unlawful habits.

This prison show similar to Orange is the New Black will give you a whole other perspective on Alcatraz.

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Starring: Ernie Hudson, J.K. Simmons and Lee Tergesen

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If you think the other shows like Netflix Orange is the New Black are rough, wait until you watch Oz. This story gets under your skin, be ready for some disturbing scenes. Oz takes place in the Oswald Maximum Security Correctional Facility. This show chronicles the lives of the inmates in a special cell block on level four called Emerald City. Inmates fight for power, drugs, and survival until their release date. Oz is a no-holds-barred account of prison life.

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Prison Break

Starring: Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell

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This addition to shows like OITNB is a legend amongst its kind, so much that 8 years after its finale, it’s back! Prison Break season 5 can be found here. Before starting season 5 you should watch the movie which takes place after Prison Break season 4 and before Prison Break season 5.

Prison Break is about a man called Michael Scofield, who needs to break his brother Lincoln Burrows out of prison before his execution after he discovers his innocence. Michael plans the escape for a long time, thinking of every possible outcome and scenario. Once he is ready he gets himself arrested and starts to find fellow inmates who he can ally with to succeed with his escape plan. Things don’t always go as planned and Michael must come up with new ways to overcome his setbacks.

Prison Break is one of the best prison shows like Orange is the New Black series!!!

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Starring: Danielle Cormack, Nicole Da Silva, Pamela Rabe
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If we had to choose between Wentworth vs Orange is the New Black, we’d have a hard time deciding which one is better. Since both are based on different cultures and have been made across the world from each other, we’re going to settle for a tie. Wentworth is intense Australian prison show, just like OITNB. This show is about Bea. Bea has been accused of attempted murder on her husband. Now she finds herself in prison at the bottom of the scale. Bea will have to learn fast if she wants to survive in prison. Will this suburbanite be able to make it until the end of her sentence?  This show should be recommended to everyone you know. Start watching it now.

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Bad Girls

Starring: Kika Mirylees, Victoria Alcock, and Helen Fraser

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The characters in Orange is the New Black are very similar to those in Bad Girls. This series is based out of the United Kingdom. Bad Girls is about the life of the women who run the prison and those behind bars. This series is dark and dramatic and makes you wonder who exactly holds the most power and who abuses it. This series is not for children. You’ll fall in love with the cast of this show. These women really know how to portray the intensity of prison. Watch Bad Girls while you wait for the Orange is the New Black new season.

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Breakout Kings

Starring: Domenick Lombardozzi, Laz Alonso, and Jimmi Simpson

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Breakout Kings was one of the shortest-lived series on our list of shows similar to OITNB. This series only lasted one season but don’t let that turn you away, there’s enough content, action, and drama to please anyone who wants to watch another great prison show. We must add Breakout Kings to our list of shows like Orange is the New Black. This show is about a team of U.S. marshals who “hire” inmates to help them track down escaped convicts for a cut on their total time behind bars. This series was smart and exciting and taught us that sometimes it takes a con to catch a con. You should really give this one a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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Ramsay Behind Bars

Starring: Gordon Ramsay and The inmates of Brixton prison

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Gordon Ramsay has done it all. He’s inspected restaurants, trained adult and child chefs, he’s helped a lot of people make their life better. This is another one of those times. Gordon Ramsay has decided to help the inmates of the Brixton prison which is close to his home. He has thought up a plan to teach some of the better inmates to cook and start their own business selling the goods. He better be up for the challenge because Gordon is about to be faced with a ton or rules and limitations and some scary moments. If you love all that this brilliant man does, you’ll love Ramsay Behind Bars. It’s prison food at its best.

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60 Days In


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Lastly, we must mention 60 Days In on our list of shows like Orange is the New Black. This reality series puts seven ordinary people in a real prison to see what it’s really all about. Some will get out easy while others will struggle. the infiltrator’s goal is to reach 60 days behind bars at the Indiana’s Clark County Jail. Will they make it to the end? Could you? Watch this amazing documentary/reality series to find out what really happens behind bars.

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