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4 Survival Reality Shows Like Survivor


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Survivor is the top survival show out there in tv land, it is currently on its 34th season. The main goal of survivor is to be the last man or woman on the island to win a 1,000,000$ prize. Each week a contestant is voted out by their teammates.

The castaways must build shelter, scavenge for food, play challenges to win immunity idols and extra bonuses like tarps and fishing kits, all the while checking their backs because the game of Survivor can be ruthless.

If you’re lucky you can coast through the game unharmed but if you bug the wrong person you can get on a ”vote him/her” out list that will be your one-way ticket out of the game.

Each season brings us to a new place and has a new game theme, check out these other reality shows like Survivor.


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Alone is exactly what it is. One man, one camera and one isolated spot on an island are what to expect on this reality series like Survivor. Ten contestants are dropped off at different points of an island with no way of reaching each other, each person is allowed 10 items that they must choose carefully because that’s all they get. The rules are simple if you want to leave you forfeit the game. The person who lasts the longest receives a prize of 500,000$. Alone.

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Running Wild With Bear Grylls

Starring: Bear Grylls

In this show similar to Survivor, you follow Master of Survival Bear Grylls, while he leads a celebrity on a two-day trip through the wilderness. They rappel down cliffs, jump over waterfalls, eat bugs and even drink cow poop ”juice”. No adventure is complete without a chat around the fire. Some celebrities you will see on this Running Wild With Bear Grylls are Channing Tatum, Kate Hudson, Shaquille O’Neil and even Obama. Give this addition to reality shows like Survivor a shot, it is really worth the watch!

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Dude, You’re Screwed

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The title of one of the crudest additions to shows like Survivor says it all. Most contestants on survival shows know when it will begin, Dude, You’re Screwed a little different. 5 experts in survival and their friends will have to face the wilderness but it is up to their friends on when this challenge starts, and they only have 100 hours to make it back. Watch each contestant battle the wild. Will they make it out in time?

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Les Stroud is an expert survivalist. He must survive in remote locations for up to 10 days with little or no food, water, and equipment. Before he starts he consults the natives and checks out his surroundings. This triumphant addition to shows like Survivor is a Canadian-made production and the only camera is the one Les Stroud has, there is no crew with him. The Survivorman reality show is one heck of an entertainment series. We guarantee.

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