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5 Awesome Road Trip Essentials

Sometimes we just need to feel liberated. Road trips are a great way to leave the world you live in every day and see something new. Pick a place to aim for or just drive until you run out of gas, there are no rules to road trips. To make your next long car ride one of the best, add our list of movies like We’re the Millers to your playlist and check out our list of awesome road trip essentials. All you have to do now is pack up your car, roll down the windows, and hit the gas.

Inflatable Car Mattress

inflatable car mattress

This inflatable car bed is awesome. Bring it with you the next time you plan a trip and forget about renting a hotel room when you get tired. The Inflatable Car Mattress is super simple to use, all you have to do is plug the included pump into your car and watch it inflate. This mattress can fit in almost every car ever made. Use it in a convertible for a comfortable night under the stars and blow it up for the kids to play on the next time you have to stop for a while. If you want to get to your destination faster, have your partner take a nap on this camping bed while you drive. This Inflatable Car Mattress is a must-have for any traveler and one of the best road trip essentials on our list.

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Baubax Travel Jacket

baubax travel jacket

The Baubax Travel Jacket is one of the best road trip essentials on our list. This is the swiss army knife of jackets. Wear it for comfort and style and use it for functionality. The Baubax Travel Jacket has everything you might need to make your life easier. Some of the features included with this jacket are lots of pockets for all your electronics and personal items, an inflatable neck pillow for when you need to rest, and even built-in phone charger. The is the best travel jacket and the only one you’ll ever need, even when you’re not on a road trip. Available in 4 different styles, for men or women.

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Portable Hard Drive Companion

ravpower filehub plus

The RAVPower FileHub Plus will become your new best friend when it comes to traveling with technology. This handheld device has wifi, storage, USB connections and more, for you to use with all your devices. You can also upload all the content you might need into your portable wifi router like movies, route directions, and e-books. All that data can then be shared with anyone in the car with the free and easy to use RAVPower app that can be found here.

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Postagram Postcards

postagram postcards

Since we just mentioned an app on our list of road trip essentials, we thought we might add another one that will make your drive unforgettable. The Postagram Postcards app is a fun way to document your journey. Take a picture, use the free photo editor to make it perfect, and then mail it out to your loved ones. They will receive a cute postcard in the mail featuring your travel picture and a personal note from you. The picture can be then pop out of the postcard to cherish as an awesome keepsake forever. The Postagram Postcards app can be used with iPhone and Android.

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Bamboo Charcoal Car Deodorizer

natural air freshener

Sometimes the inside of our car can get a little rank, especially during a long distance car ride in the sun. This Bamboo Charcoal Car Deodorizer is the solution to your problem. This natural air freshener is Eco-friendly and premium quality. The Bamboo Charcoal Car Deodorizer will remove odors and deodorize your vehicle for up to a year. Don’t try to cover up a bad smell with an even fouler smelling air freshener, use the odorless Bamboo Charcoal Car Deodorizer to trap, filter, and eliminate all the nasty smells in your car. A clean and fresh smelling environment is definitely a road trip essential we all need. You can also use this in any stinky area of your home.

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