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5 Royal Shows Like Reign

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Starring: Adelaide Kane, Torrance Coombs, and Megan Follows

Reign is an entrance into the life of Mary, Queen of Scots. In 1557, we meet Mary, who is anticipating her marriage to Prince Francis that has been planned since she was six. Politics, power plays, and a blooming love for the Prince and his half-brother are causing many struggles for Mary. Francis’s mother is doing her best to prevent the marriage due to a prophecy declaring that if he wed, Francis will die.

This royal series also tells us the story of Mary’s handmaidens who are looking for loves of their own. If you love Reign and need more royalty on your tv screen then click on these other royal shows like Reign.

The Crown

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Starring: Claire Foy, Matt Smith, and John Lithgow

One of the best shows similar to Reign is a biographical drama about the life of 25 year old Queen Elizabeth II from 1947 to the present day. The first season of The Crown depicts her life’s story up to 1955. We learn about her wedding, how she shocked Europe by being a Queen in that era as a young woman, and how she formed her relationship with Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchhill. With this royal addition to shows like Reign, you will escape into the locked doors of Buckingham Palace and Westminster and learn about the powers and privileges a Queen has to implement in order to keep her kingdom happy and safe.

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The White Queen

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Starring: Rebecca Ferguson, Amanda Hale, and Faye Marsay

In Reign show recommendations we must include The White Queen, a story about three relentless women who want to rise to power. The White Queen, Margaret Beaufort, is an evil queen that we love to hate. Elizabeth Woodville (Queen) was the lady-in-waiting to the previous Queen, causing mixed feelings from the Yorkist court in her reign. Lady Anne Neville is the queen consort of Richard III and the Kingmaker’s Daughter. Watch the royal women as they claw their way to the top using all they got, including, love, lust, betrayal, murder, deception, and seduction. The White Queen is a very exciting addition royal shows like Reign.

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The Tudors

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Starring: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Anthony Brophy, and Sarah Bolger

One of the sexiest shows like Reign is The Tudors. The Tudors is a 16th century, historical fiction that is mainly about Henry VIII. King Henry is a womanizer, with over 20+ years of marriage, numerous elite female companions, and even a dishonorable affair with Anne Boleyn. In this series, we learn about the significant moments of his life during his breakdown of the Roman Catholic Church and his political movements.

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The Borgias

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Starring: Jeremy Irons, Francois Arnaud, and Holliday Grainger

Another historical and fictional addition to shows like Reign, is The Borgias. Starting from the turn of the 16th century we shadow the lives of The Borgias. The Borgias is the first crime family. Pope Alexander VI will do anything to get what he wants, including conspiring with his 2 sons and using his seductive daughter. Be shocked as the Pope entwines all of Europe and the Catholic church in his schemes. If you loved the other series like Reign you will be quickly hooked to The Borgias.Guaranteed.

Sex. Murder. Power. Amen.

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The Royals

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Starring: Elizabeth Hurley, Jake Maskall, and Alexandra Park

Lastly, we must mention this posh series in Reign alternatives. The Royals is a modern soap opera-ish depiction of Royalty in England. These royals live in luxury and obey traditions. The Royals know they can have anything or anyone they want. Yet, nothing is ever free. The perks are fun but is it worth all the scrutiny and duties? Everyone is willing to do what it takes on this ruthless and royal addition to Reign show suggestions.

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