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5 Adult Cartoon Shows Like Archer

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The Archer series is about an international spy agency and the people who work there. Sterling Archer is a suave master spy who has a questionable code name “Duchess”. Archer’s mother is also his boss and she’s very domineering. The team will do anything to screw each other over, including, confuse and undermine each other, commit acts of betrayal and anything else that can cause each of them to be the best.

The Archer tv show is also about Archer’s ex-girlfriend, Agent Lana Kane. Lana Kane has a new comptroller boyfriend called, Cyril Figgis, and Archer has a lot to deal with when they’re around. There’s also a funny storyline concerning Archer’s mother’s secretary, Cheryl, who is always lovesick.

If you want to watch a disturbing, entertaining, and hilarious cartoon spy show, watch Archer. For more adult animated series take a look at our list of cartoon shows below that all have a similar look and feel.

Total Drama Island

One of the best cartoons for adults is Total Drama Island. This adult cartoon is about a group of Canadian teenagers who compete in a reality show. It’s also a parody of reality shows. Everything you thought you knew about reality series has been twisted into a completely new genre.

This addition to shows like Archer has new challenges, rules, and surprise catches. On Total Drama Island, you’ll also find romances, alliances, confessions, eliminations and back-stabbing. There’s insanity everywhere you look on Drama Island.

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The Venture Bros.

Our list of animated cartoons for adults must include The Venture Bros. This show is about a former boy genius, a mad scientist named Dr. Rusty Venture, and his nitwit sons. They encounter numerous, warped, misadventures, along with their maniac bodyguard. There’s also a storyline that follows an incompetent super villain called The Monarch and his masculine lover called Dr. Girlfriend. The Venture Bros. is a story about pure absurdity, that works, which makes it one of the best animated series ever!

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Sealab 2021

Sealab 2021 is one of the oldest series on our list of shows like Archer. This cartoon for mature audiences is set in the year 2021. Deep below the ocean is a huge compound filled with high-tech equipment. The team working in this compound have an unlimited budget, their mission is to see if colonization is possible beneath the sea. The Earth’s surface is hot, icky, and over-crowded.

Despite having an ultra-important mission, the Sealab team is full of screw-ups, unfit workers, and generally unhappy people. There’s a lot more bickering and goofing around, than research being done, in this cartoon similar to the Archer tv series. The crew is happy with raking in their giant paychecks and manipulating their leader called Captain Murphy. This series is full of nutso’s, unhinged people, and twisted scientists, just like the Archer tv show characters.

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Frisky Dingo

Frisky Dingo was made by the Archer creator, Adam Reed, making this series a must add addition to our list of shows like Archer. Frisky Dingo is about a philandering billionaire playboy called Xander Crews. During the night, Xander moonlights as “Awesome X”, a superhero. Awesome X’s nemesis is called “Killface”. There are many battles between the two. One of the hardest things about Xander’s billionaire life and superhero counterpart is dealing with both on a daily basis. Things can get a little complicated. The Archer writers really hit gold with Frisky Dingo. Click on the link above to see for yourself.

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The Life And Times Of Tim

Lastly, we must mention The Life & Times of Tim. This Archer television show alternative is about the day-to-day life of Tim. Tim is 25 years old and lives in New York. Tim has horrible luck and he’s always trying to get himself out of embarrassing situations. His dry and dead-pan excuses are the heart of the show.

Every episode has 2 different stories in it. Watch just one and you’ll be hooked. If you loved the other great cartoons for adults on this list, you’ll really enjoy The Life and Times of Tim.

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