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5 Mystery Solving Shows Like Bones

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Starring: Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz

This show is loosely based on the books by Kathy Reichs, who also produces the series. The main character in Bones is Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan, a forensic anthropologist and very literal thinker. She has an incredibly high IQ and sometimes comes off as detached or humorless. ”Bones” has a lot of trouble with socializing. Dr. Brennan must analyze the human remains, mostly the bones, that the F.B.I. has brought in on recent investigations with her team at the Jeffersonian Institute.

Seeley Booth is the agent assigned to work with Dr.Brennan, he works on solving his cases while Brennan helps him find evidence on the murderer through the bones. “Booth” is an expert investigator and inquisitor, and a veteran States Army Ranger, where he was a sniper. Booth likes to kid around, something that Bones cannot understand.

Bones is a great series, with humor, action, and romance. If that’s the kind of series that you want to watch, you won’t be disappointed with this one. If you liked this story, check out these other shows like Bones listed below.

The Finder

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Starring: Geoff Stults, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Mercedes Masohn

The Finder is a spinoff from Bones. In season 6 of Bones, Booth and Bones travel to the Florida Everglades for a case and join up with Walter Sherman, an old friend of Booth’s. When Walter was in the Army he was the only survivor from a roadside bomb in Iraq. This caused his brain to jumble making him suspicious, quirky, paranoid and giving him an almost 7th sense. After the bomb Walter started seeing things differently, patterns and puzzles click together in his head, making him capable of finding anything, thus the name “The Finder”. Walter is a little of a con man and has dealt with some shady characters, giving him a reason to be paranoid. On the plus side, these acquaintances also give him tips and owe him favors. Add this Bones spin-off to your list of shows like Bones to watch next. If you loved the original series, you need to watch this one too.

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Veronica Mars

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Starring: Kristen Bell, Percy Daggs III and Jason Dohring

The Veronica Mars tv series was a fan favorite just like Bones. This series starring Kristen Bell takes place in Neptune, California. Veronica is a high school student, but during her spare time, she is an apprentice private investigator, following in her father’s footsteps. In the first season, Veronica Mars tries to solve her best friend’s murder along with other smaller cases brought to her from fellow students and her dad’s clients, with mixed results.This smart and funny addition to our list of mystery solving shows like Bones is a real gem. Veronica Mars is our top shows for series like Bones. Be warned, this series is addictive.

*** Because of the abrupt last episode of this series, a Veronica Mars movie was finally made to tidy up all the loose ends. You can find it here.

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Starring: Tony Shalhoub and Bitty Schram

Adrian Monk isn’t your typical man he has O.C.D. (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) and a grand total of 312 fears. He used to be a shining detective until his wife Trudy was killed in a car bombing that Monk thought was meant for him. This caused Monk to have a nervous breakdown, discharging him from the force. Monk became a shut-in for 3 and a half years causing is O.C.D. to skyrocket and become almost impossible to bear. During this time Monk gets help from a nurse named Sharona Fleming. Sharona helps him break through and finally go out into the world. Monk gets calls from the local police to help them solve the most troublesome investigations. Monk’s O.C.D. gives him an incredible attention to detail and a very sharp memory. He uses these abilities to solve the cases. If you’ve never seen Monk, get a snack, click on the button above and start watching this great story found on our list of Bones show suggestions.

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Starring: James Roday, Dulé Hill, and Corbin Bernsen

If you loved the genius comedy in the other Bones show alternatives, you will thoroughly enjoy Psyche. Shawn Spencer was raised by an overbearing, police officer. Henry, Shawn’s father, taught his son to become a profiler, to notice everything around him and how to fit it all together, hoping that one day Shawn would be an officer as well. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Shawn is a slacker, a troublemaker, a goof, and very childish. While watching tv one night Shawn figures out a mystery that has stumped the local law enforcers. He calls in his theory and it is right, the victim is found. Shawn gets called into the station to explain how he figured it out. Since he is on a tight leash with the law he says he is psychic, and they believe him. Making lemonade out of lemons, Shawn and his best friend, Gus, start a psychic private detective agency. In this show follow the boys as they solve strange cases using even weirder methods. Psych takes the seriousness out of shows like Bones and makes you laugh each episode, these guys can be real idiots sometimes.

*** If you loved watching the Psych tv series, you’ll love the 2017 Psych full length movie found here. Enjoy!

*** Bonus: each episode has a reference to a Pineapple, the word is either said or an image of a pineapple is found in the series, try to find them all!

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Starring: Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski

Chuck is an average computer whiz, who one day, gets a cryptic email from an old college friend who is now a C.I.A. agent. Chuck has fallen upon all the information available to the U.S. government and is now a risk and an asset to the government. He is assigned a C.I.A. and an N.S.A. agent to watch over him and protect him. In this show like Bones, Chuck gets shanghaied in numerous spy missions. During all this, Chuck must keep his identity a secret from those around him, and work at an electronics store as a cover story. Chuck is funny and entertaining, click on it now to start laughing.

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