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6 Animated Shows Like Family Guy

The Family Guy people are called the Griffins, a dysfunctional middle-class family with a talking dog. Patriarch of the clan is Peter Griffin who is immature, lazy, dim-witted and an alcoholic. Lois, Peter’s wife, is a very flirtatious housewife. Meg is the only daughter. The black sheep. She is unattractive and has low self-esteem. The Griffin’s are always picking on her.

Chris is the eldest son, he is socially awkward and a compulsive masturbater. He also claims to have an evil monkey living in his closet. Stewie is the baby. He is an evil genius, and for untold reasons, also British. He is always trying to kill his mother Lois. Brian is the family dog. He is also a womanizer, a scholar and also an alcoholic. We usually see Brian working on some sort of scheme with Stewie.

The Family Guy tv show centers on their family, the eccentric townspeople, and their neighbors as they make mistakes and try to sort them out, in very idiotic ways. This show is twisted, sick, and politically incorrect, making it a hilarious story to watch.

For more funny rude cartoons like just like it, watch these shows similar to Family Guy.

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The Simpsons

Price: $14.96
Was: $26.98

The Simpsons is the longest-running animated series ever, and one of the best animated cartoons for adults, currently on its 28th season. This story on our list of funny adult cartoons like Family Guy will outlive us all! There aren’t many shows like The Simpsons that have lived this long.

Meet the family, Homer, the father, is a buffoon, a drunk, and a dope, but in the end, he always pulls through. He currently works at the Nuclear Power Plant. Marge is a housewife with a ” mama bear ” attitude towards her children. Bart is the eldest and a troublemaker, and prankster. Lisa, the oldest daughter, is a bookworm, a typical good girl, and a saxophone player. Maggie is the baby, she is very smart but no one notices. Her trademark is her pacifier.

This animation tells the story of a typical American family living in Springfield. Episodes usually circulate around public events or pop culture.

Watch The Simpsons Movie Here.

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One of the best shows like Family Guy is Futurama. From the creator of The Simpsons, Futurama is set in the future. This one must be included on our list of adult animations. Fry is a pizza deliverer, who one night in 1999, accidentally gets cryogenically frozen and wakes up in 2999. Fry joins a wacky team that consists of a scientist, a one-eyed girl, a robot, and more who are like a big nuclear family. They go on weird and dangerous deliveries aboard the Planet Express Ship. Futurama is a fan favorite and was brought back to life after a cancellation. If you’ve never seen this great addition to Family Guy show recommendations, click on it now, and get a crazy glimpse into the future.

Futurama is a fan favorite and was brought back to life after a cancellation. If you’ve never seen this great addition to Family Guy show recommendations, click on it now, and get a crazy glimpse into the future.

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American Dad

Price: $18.49
Was: $29.95

American Dad is created by Seth MacFarlane, the same as most of the series like Family Guy. Family Guy is about gags, American Dad is more about extracting humor from the relatable plots, quirky characters, and family members. This animation like Family Guy tells us stories while keeping a realistic view on family.

Don’t be fooled, though, American Dad isn’t complete without its absurd plots and farces.

An alien, the C.I.A.,  and a horny teenager are just a few things to expect in this funny series.

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Bob’s Burgers

Price: $16.29
Was: $29.98

The Belcher’s own a burger joint. Father, Bob, tries hard in getting new clients and managing his dinner, through numerous pitfalls. The children try to help out in the restaurant but always end up making it worse. Bob’s Burgers is mostly about a family trying to keep it together while turning the burger shop into a dream restaurant, but failure after failure. somehow, bonds the family in more ways than one.

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King Of The Hill

The oldest but probably most memorable addition to shows like Family Guy is King of the Hill. The Hill’s are a typical family living in Arlen, Texas.Hank is a straight and narrow propane salesman.

Hank is a straight and narrow propane salesman. Peggy is a substitute teacher and homemaker. And, Bobby is a teenager trying to deal with girls, peer pressure, and getting into trouble.

In this great animation, watch Hank as he continuously promotes how propane is better than charcoal for grilling and as he deals with keeping his son in line and lives his day to day life with his wacky family. It’s a good thing he has his friends waiting for him out by the fence.

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South Park

Price: $9.96
Was: $14.99

South Park is another great adult comedy tv series like Family Guy. This one is of the dirtiest cartoon shows on our list. South Park is about a group of fourth-grade boys. Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny. These curious and adventure-seeking boys get themselves into some pretty strange situations.

Simple things turn into uncontrollable situations. This small mountain town, called South Park, is very odd and so are all the people living there. Watch one of the best adult rated cartoons on this list to see everything these boys go through.

The clumsy, swearing and farting kids are back with South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, the South Park movie.

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