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6 LGBT Shows Like Grace And Frankie

Starring: Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin

Grace and Frankie are two women who used to be best friends but grew apart. Their husbands have been working side by side for years. This series starts with both couples out at a restaurant together. Frankie’s husband, Sol, and Grace’s husband, Robert, just told their wives that they have been having a secret affair for the last 20 years.

Now, Frankie and Grace must learn to deal with their newly single lives and accept that their ex-husbands are gay, and in love with each other. Grace and Frankie is a wonderful show. The cast clicks, the story is entertaining, and it covers every aspect of life from dealing with divorce, friendship, honesty, loss, aging, and the troubles of adapting to life after coming out.

For more fantastic shows like Grace and Frankie that aren’t afraid to talk about the LGBT community and the troubles, people have to deal with, check out this great list.

Happily Divorced

Starring: Fran Drescher, John Michael Higgins, and Tichina Arnold

Fran Drescher based this show on her real life experience with her husband who admitted he was gay after a long marriage. In this addition to series like Grace and Frankie, Peter, Fran’s husband admits that he’s gay after 18 years of marriage. Now, the divorced couple decides, for financial reasons, to live together in their home. They learn to move on, accept Peter’s life choice, and even date together. Fran and Peter’s divorce might be just what they needed to get closer than they ever were, in this very funny comedy called Happily Divorced.

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Starring: Jeffrey Tambor, Gaby Hoffmann, and Amy Landecker

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Did you ever feel like someone close to you was hiding a major secret but was too afraid to admit it to the world? In this transgender show similar to Grace and Frankie, Mort Pfefferman knew from a very young age that his body wasn’t really his. During his elder years, he has finally decided to tell his family and friends about his problem. Mort’s admission creates a backlash that causes everyone to start spilling their own secrets. Now, as Maura, she has to deal with much more than her own personal obstacles in this series called Transparent.

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Sense 8

Starring: Terrence Mann, Doona Bae, and Jamie Clayton

Sense 8 is a story about 8 teenagers from the four corners of the globe, who after a terrible accident, find themselves linked, emotionally and mentally. As the gang tries to figure out what is going on a mysterious stranger called Jonas tries to help them with their confusion. Meanwhile, another newcomer named Whispers tries to find the teens to gain full access to their powers. This series in Grace and Frankie show recommendations portray being gay as normal, exactly how it should be.

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Will And Grace

Starring: Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, and Megan Mullally

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Will and Grace was a very long run series about two best friends who live in New York. Grace is an interior designer, and Will is a gay lawyer. After a hard breakup Grace moves in with Will. This story found among shows like Grace and Frankie is about Will and Grace’s life together. Will’s boyfriend, Jack, and Grace’s flamboyant secretary, Karen.

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Please Like Me

Starring: Josh Thomas, Thomas Ward, Debra Lawrance, and David Roberts

Josh just broke up with his girlfriend. His break up made him realize that he’s gay. Luckily, his ex-girlfriend, Claire, and his best friend Tom are very supportive of his new orientation breakthrough. In this alternative to shows like Grace and Frankie, see how Josh, who is awkward and insecure, deals with the big challenges that face him now that he’s decided to follow his true life’s path. Please Like Me is one of the best shows about self-discovery and acceptance.

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Starring: Ellen Page and Ian Daniel

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Ellen Page and Ian Daniel’s are two well-known celebrities from their respective domains. In Gaycation, they travel the world together to shed light on the misunderstandings and ignorance about being gay. This documentary among shows like Grace and Frankie is about their travels abroad as they discover how different cultures deal with the LGBT community.

Gaycation is a beautiful insight on people just trying to live a normal life and the sad, but true fact, that there’s still a lot of hate in the world. This show is highly recommended. Ellen and Ian’s first season consists of visiting Japan, Brazil, Jamaica, and The United States.

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