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5 Shows Like How To Get Away With Murder

Starring: Viola Davis, Billy Brown and Alfred Enoch

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Annalise Keating, portrayed by Viola Davis is a prestigious law professor at Middleton University in Philadelphia. She soon becomes entangled in a murder plot with 5 of her students. This show has many flashforward sequences and flashbacks that explore 2 common murders.

The murder plot in this series will change the lives of her students forever and will rattle everyone at the University. With a group of ambitious students and a genius and esoteric criminal law professor be sure to expect a sexy and suspenseful legal thriller.

If you are in need of more suspense and thrills, be sure to watch these other shows like How to Get Away With Murder!

Orphan Black

Starring: Tatiana Maslany

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Orphan Black is about a girl named Sarah who witnesses a woman’s suicide. When she takes a closer look she realizes that the woman is an identical match to her. Wanting to be free from the troubles of her life, she takes on the woman’s identity and soon becomes entwined in a much bigger story of discovery involving clones of herself. Orphan Black is a show filled with twists, turns, suspense, mysteries, and a lot of girls that look like the main character.

Watch this suspenseful addition to shows like How to Get Away With Murder, now!

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Starring: Priyanka Chopra and Jake McLaughlin

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Quantico is another one of the best How to Get Away With Murder show alternatives. It has a compelling storyline with non-stop action. Quantico centers on Alex Parrish who wakes up in the middle of a bomb explosion and is accused of terrorism. Through flashbacks, we see that she has been recruited to the F.B.I. Academy.

She arrives at the Quantico Base in Virginia and is told that this will be the hardest boot camp and toughest grad school combined. A plan has been thought of for years and all it took was Alex’s arrival to put it in place.

Watch this great series in shows like HTGAWM, you won’t be disappointed.

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Starring: Jennifer Garner, Ron Rifkin and Victor Garber

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Sydney Bristow starts off as a student, who eventually gets recruited to join a secret organization called SD-6 that is part of the CIA. Sydney is a hyperpolyglot and is asked to train as an international spy.

This show is named Alias because Sydney uses many different aliases during her missions. In 2010, E! ranked Alias as number 4 on the ”Top 20 Tv Series of the Past 20 Years”. If you loved the other shows like How to Get Away With Murder then you’ll really enjoy Alias.

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House Of Cards

Starring: Kevin Spacey, Michel Gill, and Robin Wright

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House of Lies is another great addition to How to Get Away With Murder show recommendations. Congressman, Francis Underwood, and his wife Claire have been betrayed one too many times. In this series similar to How to Get Away With Murder, they join forces to exact revenge on the people who have done them wrong. Democracy is so overstated.

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Starring: Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander, and Rob Brown

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In this dramatic thriller called Blindspot, a Jane Doe is found naked with no memory and cryptic tattoos all over her body in the middle of Times Square, New York. The tattoos are a roadmap of a large conspiracy that soon attracts the attention from the F.B.I. Get ready for some pretty scary secrets in this suspenseful addition to shows like How to get away with murder!

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