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5 Family Friendly Shows Like Jessie

Starring: Debbie Ryan, Peyton List, and Cameron Boyce

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Jessie is about an 18 year old, small town girl from Texas who wants to become an actress so she moves to New York City.Jessie is cute and laughable and has an innocent view on city life. Things don’t go as planned so Jessie has to accept a job as a nanny to a prestigious family with four naughty children. Jessie laughably cute and has an innocent view on city life.

More family friendly shows like Jessie are listed below.


Starring: Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor, and Jennette McCurdy

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One of the most popular series like Jessie, is called iCarly. Carly Shay is 13 years old and has a popular website called ” iCarly ” with her best friends, Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson. Carly lives in a cool apartment with her older brother Spencer.

In this show similar to Jessie, Carly, and Sam star in the Webcasts on iCarly. The girls pull pranks on each other, on Carly’s brother and their friends. They make skits and act silly. iCarly even has an occasional guest star join in on the absurdities.

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Life With Derek

Starring: Micheal Seater, Ashley Leggat, and Jordan Todosey

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Here is another addition to shows like Jessie that you will enjoy, it’s called Life With Derek. This show is about Casey, her sister, Lizzie, and their mom move into their new stepfamily’s home. This new home has a new dad, a sister, Marti, and two new brothers, Edwin, and Derek. Casey and Derek are roughly the same age and do not get along. This tween series shows us just how far step-siblings will go to gain control of the home.

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Starring: Emma Roberts, Malese Jow, and Jordan Calloway

This list of shows like Jessie must include Unfabulous. Jessie wants to be an Actrice, Addie Singer wants to be a musician. Every chance she gets, Addie, puts on a show. She loves to sing about her life. Follow Addie’s life in school, at home, and with her friends, in this superstar addition to Jessie recommendations.

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The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody

Starring: Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Brenda Song, and Ashley Tisdale

This series is a funny addition to Jessie alternatives. Zack and Cody’s mom gets a new job as a singer at the Tipton Hotel. The family is given a suite to live in and almost complete access to the hotel. Zack and Cody are troublesome twins. They give hotel manager Mr. Moseby a run for his money in this mischievous series among shows like Jessie called The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. If you liked this series you’ll love the movie based on the same characters named The Suite Life Movie.

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Starring: Victoria Justice, Leon Thomas III, and Matt Bennett

Price: $10.03
Was: $11.99

Jessie show recommendations must have include Victorious, another series about fame. Tori Vega makes it to the top, her launch in Hollywood is about to begin. Will she have what it takes? Tori must prove herself in everything. Musicals, monologs, and stage fighting are just a few of the challenges Tori must conquer to show she has what it takes in Hollywood. View the life of a teen star, in this last addition to shows like Jessie.

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