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5 Sister Shows Like What I Like About You

Starring: Amanda Bynes, Jennie Garth, and Wesley Jonathan

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What I Like About You is a show about two sisters living together in New York. When Holly’s dad leaves the country she asks to live with her older sister Valerie. Holly is a handful. She does whatever pops into her head, this results in some pretty hilarious situations. Luckily, Valerie is always around to save the day, and sometimes even join in on the crazy antics.

This show is fun and cute and a great series to watch. For more shows like What I Like About You about sisters and the strong connections they have, check out this great list.

Hope And Faith

Starring: Faith Ford, Kelly Ripa, and Ted McGinley

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Hope is an organized and predictable, mother and wife. When her sister Faith needs a place to stay, Hope invites her into her home. Faith is the complete opposite of Hope. Faith is a wild and unpredictable party girl with no life ambition. This series called Hope and Faith is the story of both sisters.

Similar to What I Like About You, Hope has to help her adult sister get out of some pretty strange situations, that usually involve her children and husband. Despite the fighting and opposite personalities, both women love each other very much in this amusing addition to shows like What I Like About You.

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Starring: Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty, and Brian Krause

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Charmed is a show that proves how strong a sister bond can be. When Piper, Pheobe, and Prue find out they are witches with powerful abilities, they must stick together to save themselves from the demons lurking in San Francisco. Their sister bond, A.k.a. ”The Power of Three” is stronger than any magic they could ever acquire from their book of spells. Charmed is the magical addition to sister shows like What I Like About You on our list.

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Switched At Birth

Starring: Katie Leclerc, Vanessa Marano, Lea Thompson, and Lucas Grabeel

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This story in shows like What I Like About You hits a hard subject. It’s about two girls that have been switched at birth and reunited with their biological families. This new discovery causes turmoils and strong emotions within the families.

Bay was raised in a wealthy normal family, while Daphne was raised by a loving single mother on a tight budget. Daphne also lost her hearing when she was young due to meningitis.

Luckily, both families quickly adapt to this unusual situation. The Kennish’s and Regina Vasquez agree on a custody agreement, that leads both girls to become like sisters. Switched at Birth is a very emotional and controversial show on our list.

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Beautiful People

Starring: Daphne Zuniga, Sarah Tareen, and Torrey DeVitto

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These beautiful sisters, along with their stunning mother, move from New Mexico to New York City for a new beginning. The Big Apple is a perfect place for the girls to live out their dreams. Lynn, the mother, can leave her painful memories behind and start over. Karen the eldest can pursue her modeling career. And, Sophie can go to the prestigious Manhattan school that has given her a scholarship. Things are looking better already for the Kerr family. Beautiful People is one of the forgotten, sister show recommendations for What I Like About You, but shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Barely Famous

Starring: Erin and Sara Foster

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Sara and Erin are the lesser known daughters of David Foster, who is related to The Kardashians.

These funny and sarcastic sisters want a ” non-reality ” show of their own. Their idea is genius. They portray how ” normal ” a celebrity can be, by finding big name stars on the streets of Los Angeles and filming them. Erin and Sara are out to spoof the superficial and celebrity obsessed world of stardom. The purpose of this  ”docu-series” is to show us the craziness, plastic surgery, and ”famous for doing nothing” side to Hollywood. Watch these hilarious and very real, girls, in this last addition to sister shows like What I Like About You called Barely Famous.

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