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6 Western Themed Shows Like Longmire

Starring: Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, and Lou Diamond Phillips

Price: $14.96
Was: $18.98

Longmire has been a widow for a year, he is the charismatic, loyal, and composed sheriff of Absaroka County. Hiding his pain behind a strong wit and bold face, Longmire is urged by his daughter to move on and accept life as it is. Slowly but surely, Longmire begins to restore his passion of being a sheriff.

When a young deputy tries to run against Longmire, his new resolve might be exactly what had to happen. Now, Longmire has the determination to save his job. On the outside things are looking better but he is still feeling pain so he often turns to his confidant and close friend, Henry Standing Bear.

For this Sheriff, things are looking up, see how these other lawmen deal with their problems in these other shows like Longmire.


Starring: Ian McShane, Timothy Olyphant, and Molly Parker

Price: $34.96
Was: $88.92

The town of Deadwood has just suffered a huge massacre, now the town is dripping with corruption and crime in this addition to shows like Longmire. Bill and Seth are ex-lawmen, looking for retribution. In the town of Deadwood, this is not acceptable, and the men soon find themselves on the wrong side of the new laws. Watch this series like Longmire and see how the men intertwine with the lives of the other citizens as they try to stay alive in a pit hole of lawlessness.

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Hell On Wheels

Starring: Anson Mount, Colm Meaney, Christopher Heyerdahl, and Robin McLeavy

Cullen Bohannon, whose wife has been murdered is the star of this show. Cullen is now tracking her killers who just happen to be an entire troop of Union soldiers. His long trek brings him to a historical landmark, the start and build of the transcontinental railroad. This spot is a milepost for battles between the soldiers and the wild west, and Cullen is heading straight for it. Hell on Wheels is very similar to Longmire and it will get you hooked straight away, don’t take our word for it, click on the link above to start watching now.

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The Red Road

Starring: Jason Momoa, Martin Henderson, and Julianne Nicholson

One of the most forgotten Longmire recommendations is also about a cop. He is struggling with trying to tame two conflicting communities and his home life. In the mountains dwell the Native American’s, and in the valley lies the town he grew up in. When a horrible tragedy occurs, a cover-up is discovered, and the cop must forge a forced alliance with the leader of the Natives.

This alliance threatens to haunt everyone involved. The Red Road is a story about Indians and townspeople, and how their beliefs jeopardize even more destruction, in this territorial addition to shows like Longmire.

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Killer Women

Starring: Tricia Helfer, Marc Blucas, and Michael Trucco

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Molly Parker is a brave woman, she is the only woman in the Texas Rangers, known to be all males. This woman is a badass beauty, she has more balls than the men on her team. Molly isn’t afraid to take charge, she’s ready to ruffle feathers and she knows how to get the truth out of people. Killer Women is a great addition to Longmire alternatives.

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Starring: Tom Weston-Jones, Kyle Schmid, and Franka Potente

Price: $10.79

The five points neighborhood in New York City is home to a young and rugged, Irish police recruit called Kevin Corcoran, in the 1860’s. Kevin must navigate the disobedient and risky neighborhood that his job imposes, all the while dealing with the posh Manhattan crowd and the rejected African American community. Copper is a smartly made show worth watching and has to be added to the list of shows like Longmire.

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Quick Draw

Starring: John Lehr and Nancy Hower


Quick Draw is about an emerging new world, the use of forensic science in the Reconstruction Age. In an unruly town in Kansas, in 1875, Sheriff Hoyle is trying to introduce his forensic technology to the world. He is getting unimpressed results. On the other hand, the Sheriff is getting great feedback about his shooting skills and his abilities to hunt down murderers, robbers, and the dicey riffraff that is plaguing the town. This series found among shows like Longmire is funny, silly, goofy, and sometimes unscripted. Quick Draw has a charming cast that melts perfectly together.

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